Friday, January 14, 2011

Flood Relief

Hi, this is Kate. Becky is currently up to her ears in boxes as she's moving house and can't get to the internet. She asked me to let you know that she's participating in the Queensland Flood Appeal Auctions that Toni is organising over at Make it Perfect, and all of the details will be posted on Monday.


You can find more information about the auctions by clicking on the button above. A master list of all auctions will be posted there on Sunday. There's still time to host an Auction of your own but you'll need to contact Toni by the end of the day (Friday) to be included on the master list.

It's wonderful to see so many getting involved!


  1. Hi, Becky/Kate. Your family seems to be having the moving bug this year!

    My heart goes out to all the people in Queensland. Will be watching the auctions and trying to help out.

  2. girls are so cute :)
    happy packing becky

  3. Hey Becky, the new Quilters Companion is out with your quilt in it! It looks great you wow pages from 48 through to 53. Edition Vol.10.No.1 it is the 2011 year book.

    Good luck with the boxes Bec! I love moving. Bet you do too.. Hi Kate and Toni. So cute you three.

  4. You are awesome, Bec! Today I awarded you a Stylish Blogger Award on my blog :-) When you emerge from all of the boxes, come check it out and pay it forward!


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