Saturday, February 26, 2011

A New Project for my son!!

It is often difficult to find boy fabric... and make quilts for boys!! There are a few great ranges out there that we sometimes come across....I was strolling through a quilt show when i spotted this great Dirtbike Panel. I havent seen it at any fabric stores... but found a few for you on Ebay HERE
I have had it in my cupboard for months, waiting to find the right fabric to go with it. Poor Tan even used to sit under the fabric panel on the couch... Even though there are LOTS of quilts to sit under at my house.. he wanted his own... quilt or not... he was using the panel!
A couple weeks ago I spotted this new range Extreme Team by Michael Miller...
 I bought mine HERE.
This fabric suits my son... Down to the ground!! Dirtbikes, BMX, Skateboard, Scooters, for his birthday we even made a dirtbike cake. Once I can get this quilt finished... he can finally use his OWN quilt to lay on the floor... with all sorts of household objects under neath to make a supercross track! And as you can our house this is Our weekly activity!!


  1. Great fabric...he will love his special quilt!

  2. What a perfect collection for your little boy and what cute kids!!!!!

  3. Great fabric. Bet he can't wait for it to be ready :-)

  4. Oh so you want you to make him a dirt bike outfit for racing in these fabrics, truly test the love he has for his quilting mummy. Great fabric choices, love Posie

  5. Lovely fabric, he will love it! I'm almost done with a boy's quilt, it's definitely harder to get nice fabrics for them so thanks for sharing these!

  6. Looks like you found the PERFECT fabric!!

  7. My kids always sit under panels of fabric too - it makes me feel guilty that they aren't all beautiful quilts yet ;) Awesome boy fabric! Can't wait to see what it looks like all sewn up!

  8. Looks awesome! My son is into airplanes so I just finished the quilt top for a vintage airplane themed quilt for his room. I just posted a photo on my blog a few days ago if you want to take a peek :-)

  9. how cool! You gotta love Michael Miller! He certainly raises the bar! So often I have wanted something, though it couldn't exist, and then found it in one of his lines! :)


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