Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Gorgeous Garter...a Quick How To...

For a little pressie for my sister, I wanted to make her a garter to wear on her Wedding Day. I looked around for a few tutorials and although I found a couple, they were all a bit old fashioned and nothing I really liked. Which left me on my own to figure it out.. :/

After a few trials and errors... I finally figured out just how i wanted it to look.
I wanted it to be made of tulle. I wanted the tulle to look gathered even when it was stretched out on her leg. I wanted the ribbon to not be too ruffled. I wanted diamante and a bit of bling...
So..... Here it is...
I thought i would share a quick how to.... for all of you... i know your just dying to rush to your cupboard and make one!
 I'm sorry I didn't take progress pictures. Stupidly I left it till the day before and was in a hurry... AHH...
So, to make yours...
You need
Satin ribbon 1/2"wide and I needed 50cm length (20 inches)
strip of elastic 1/4"wide
Bling Button
Tiny Diamante
Hot Glue gun

Measure around your leg/thigh where your garter will sit. Eden's was 48cm...
Cut 4 lengths of tulle around 6 inches wide and about 60 inches (150cm) long.
Lay them all on top of each other
Starting from one end... Sew a long (longest stitch length your machine will go) running stitch down the centre of the strip.
Grab one end and tie the two threads in a knot.
Pull the bobbin thread... and slowly gather your Tulle up until your happy with the gathering or until you reach your desired length.. I added 2cm onto Edens length.. so I gathered it til it was 50cm.
Take your piece of Ribbon.. Lay it down to cover the centre seam and pin in place.
Carefully sew down left and right side of ribbon (normal stitch length) as close to the edge as possible. This gives you a little tube.
Thread your elastic into the tube..under the ribbon but above the tulle.
Tighten your elastic so your garter gathers in and is stretchy.
Sew your ends together.

Trim of any excess tulle to your desired width.....and your first part is done!!
Now for decorating...
I hand sewed my diamante jewel/button into the centre...
Then using tweezers and hot glue gun, Pick up a diamante with your tweezers, touch it lightly on the hot glue and stick it on your garter...
Add as many or as little as you want.. and
Then comes the tradition of throwing the Garter... Well, finding it first!
And Shhhh Its a secret... but FYI... She kept the real one... and we got a fake one for her hubby to throw :)
It was such a great day... Love you Ede xx



  1. What a pretty garter! I love that it looks ruffled even when she's wearing it - and that bling! Ooo La La!!

  2. Such a cute couple. They had a great time with the garter.

  3. Gorgeous! Makes me wish I knew someone who was getting married. :-)

  4. That was so sweet of you to make such a special garter (and great that you got a fakey for her to throw!). The funniest garter-finding I watched was at a friend's wedding when he first chucked out a giant pair of old-man Y-fronts from under his bride's dress, then a pair of scarlet satin briefs, followed by a black lacey thong. Finally the garter! It was very funny, with each discovery met with a faux horrified look from the bride!


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