Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter Crafts/Sewing

How is your Easter Craft and Sewing going???
Are you in need of some inspiration??
I haven't got around to much Easter Craft this year... but i have had a fun time on google, flickr and blogs scouring the net of all you crafty people.... 
and I found these cute ideas....
1. Regal Easter Eggs, 2. Easter Finger Puppets, 3. Easter egg, 4. The Easter Bunny, 5. Last Roll - 32, 6. Easter birds, 7. sisboomegg, 8. easter eggs, 9. Patchwork easter egg, 10. easter bunny, 11. pink easter bunny - pattern by revoluzZza, 12. Happy Easter, 13. Easter decorations, 14. Easter bunnies, 15. bunny3, 16. bunny-sachet-4, 17. cakepops2, 18. 2011-03-rick-rack-easter-bags-1-425, 19. tutorial_3-12-09, 20. bunnybaskt-764326, 21. IMG_5071

Gorgeous hey!.... Mmm what to make first??



  1. Very cute! The only thing I've made is this
    little bunny!

  2. Cute crafts. The Easter bunny is fun when you have little ones.

  3. I'm so in love with all those fun ideas! Makes me wanna bust out the craft supplies this week!

  4. Lots of great ideas... Hope your feeling well huni
    Ps check out my new Blog

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