Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Hawaiian Wedding, A Holiday and A Quilt

On September 7th, My little brother Nath and his beautiful Bride Kalou were married for Time and all Eternity in the Hawaiian LDS Temple. 
Lucky for us they chose Hawaii to get married. 
My brother Nath lives in Hawaii, Eden and her husband came from Canada, we had other Relo's come from Canada... and we flew over from Australia. 
It was so great to all meet up and have an AMAZING 3 week holiday together!!
We stayed a week in Waikiki... a week at the Turtle bay Resort and a week back in Waikiki...
Of course... I had to make him a quilt for their new little place and being Hawaii and all.... it had to be beachy!! (Actually, i know he'd kill me if i had made it floral)
and.... what's a beach quilt without a few little beach huts??
For the back of the quilt... i just kept it simple and in the traditional Red and Yellow Aussie Surf Life Saving Colours.
As you can imagine we had such a great time...
Relaxing, shopping, sunbaking, wedding celebrations, dinners, restaurants, walks, snorkelling, and the best part....just all being together.
The happy couple...
The Beautiful bride!...
We love you guys xx
 and Kalou....
Welcome to the family!!
I'm SOOOO stoked to have another sister!! xx


  1. A mermaid style dress for a wedding in Hawaii, how appropriate! And the quilt is absolutely amazing!

  2. What a beautiful quilt! And the setting for the wedding- how perfect! I hope the happy couple live a long and fruitful life together!

  3. Sounds like a lovely trip! The quilt is totally adorable, love the colors and the beach huts. :)

  4. Sounds like a perfect holiday and what a beautiful quilt to gift to the newlyweds.

  5. What a beautiful wedding.
    The quilt looks great.

  6. Hi! I'm so happy to hear from you! What a beautiful wedding and so wonderful quilt! x Teje

  7. Such a beautiful place to start their new lives and an ever more beautiful quilt to remember it by

  8. Congratulations to your brother and his new wife! Beautiful photos and a very fitting quilt.

  9. Weren't you a lucky sister....your brother married in Hawaii, perfect setting for a wedding and family holiday get together, hope its not too long before you get to visit again. Your quilt is beautiful.

  10. and what a lovely bride, what an amazing quilt, what a beautiful wedding.....congratulations to all :)

  11. What a gorgeous setting - and the bride looked breath takeing!
    I tried to send you an email before, but it bounced. I was wondering, where do find to be a good source of Kona cotton solids? I live in Sydney.

    Thanks for your help,


  12. Love Hawaii ... quilts ... and temples. I'm glad to have found you ... and followed you. ~ Mary


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