Sunday, May 4, 2014

Find me on Instagram!

Hey Everyone....
How are you??? I'm doing great!! Busily Sewing and making things....
Its been a while since i have last blogged and I'm finding it so hard lately to take pics of what I'm making, load them on the computer, edit them, compress them, upload them, and then WRITE a blog post!!!
I've missed keeping in contact with everyone and i have been Sewing, trying my hand at crocheting, writing a few new patterns, buying fabrics, painting and selling my Anniversary Cushions, and now making cute buntings for all sorts of occasions....Sooooo....
I decided that i would finally join the world of INSTAGRAM!!!
You can find me
I know I'm a little late in doing so.... But it is going to be a great way to keep in contact and i can share all the projects I've got going....
I'm also going to be selling some of my Quilts I'm Making.... and this will be a quick way for you to be first to see them in case you want to buy one?? xx
If you want to find me, Just search ChasingCottons and i should pop up!!
And please leave me a msg so i can pop back and find you and follow what you have been up to!! And then there is always Facebook.... if you want to find me there xx
Miss you guys... But this will be so much easier! Clever Instagram People! xx
Here's a few pics of a few of my last projects...
and..... My Little Helper!! xx

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