Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Christmas Quilt - Jim Shore

One night late, after blogging (of course)... about 1230am, I climbed into bed. I quickly checked my emails...and i had just received a Newsletter from the Fat Quarter Shop..30% off Jim Shore Christmas fabric....AHHHHH How did i miss the release of this!!

I don't know about you... but i am a HUGE Jim Shore fan! I absolutely LOVE his decorations... and there is only one person that probably loves them more than me...My MUM! So, when i saw this new line of his fabric released and nearly gone... i grabbed 2 Fat Quarter Bundles, 2 Santa Panels, and about 12 Yards of his co-ordinating fabric....

Enough to make 2 Christmas Quilts... one for me...and one for my MUM for Chrissy! I was so excited to be able to grab the last of it...  However, my hubby didn't quite share my excitement at 1am!
I'm going to start on my mums quilt first.
For the design for her quilt...I'm taking inspiration from the Quilt Pattern on the coat of one of the Wise men figures...

Ive decided I'm going to sew my quilt in blocks....5 Rows down, 4 blocks across. I'm going to alternate this star block with a plain block... This plain block will feature the big round Santa's cut from off the panel....you can see a few of them in this pic...

I will add a pieced border of some sort..... and maybe use these star blocks again in the corners.

I have a few different collections of Jim Shore Decorations... Santa's, A gorgeous Nativity, Snowmen...I remember a few years back when i had a few decorations...I jumped on the Internet and i searched high and low....for fabric i could use to make a Jim Shore Christmas Quilt. There was nothing then....but i am so happy there is now. You can see Jim's complete range of Figurines and fabric from his shop HERE.

How are YOUR Christmas Gifts coming along???...


  1. Bec - you are so cool! I always get stuck making last minute purchases early in the morning :)
    Cute quilts. Can't wait to see them finished, which I'm sure will take like 1 week at the rate you go!

  2. I have the Nativity scene too that I bought at Hallmark a couple years ago:) He does beautiful work yes!!! Didn't know he had a fabric collection---awesome!

  3. don't you love it when things come together like this!

  4. Isn't it great when you find just the right thing??

    My gifts are coming along...though, as usual, I think I planned too much! Am trying to get rid of the things on my to-make list that don't truly matter, like the handmade stuff for my kids' 10(!!!) different teachers...maybe they will enjoy a gift certificate just as much?

  5. Great fabric...I have quite a few of Jim Shore's Christmas decorations and an Easter egg! Looking forward to seeing your quilts.
    I am not making as many gifts this year...too much paid employment! I have a few things done for special friends though.

  6. I have the nativity set, some snowmen and a vast Santa Claus collection. I LOVE them. Can't wait to see more of this quilt!

  7. I love that coat on the wiseman, it's going to be a great quilt! I'm behind on Christmas sewing but I am determined to make a few things for family members.

  8. Fantastic fabrics. I wish I was up that late to grab that bargain. I think you should do a curvy border like their "skirts". I can hardly wait to see the finished quilts.


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