Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wee Wonderfuls - Mermaiden Party!!

Friday night + 5 Girls + 1 sewing machine + Fabric + Hillary Lang's new book,Wee Wonderfuls + Pizza, Chocolate, Cake and Ice cream =
Mermaiden Party!! 

From Left to Right.... Mine, Kate's, Sierras, Kaila's, Jordy's, Kaila's...
 My cousin Kate, recently was sent Hillary Lang's New Book.... Wee Wonderfuls. I have NEVER been interested in doll making before... but that all changed after a brief look through Hillary's Book..

There are so so many gorgeous little dolls to make...
And what better way to spend a rainy Friday night??
So, the 5 of us.... Kate, my cousins Kaila and Sierra, and my little sister Jordy and I...all spontaneously decided to go to Kate's to make Mermaidens.

They took a little longer than expected. Perhaps it was because we were all sharing one machine, or maybe because most of us had never made a doll before, or maybe because some had never used a sewing machine before... or maybe it was the chocolate, ice cream and pizza...or maybe it was because of
Kaila and Jordy...

By The end of the night...we made it this far.... 
and once finished and added a bit of bling.....they were off to their photo shoot at the beach. Courtesy of Kate...

We had such a blast!!! I have ordered a book for myself from HERE... and if your after just the Mermaiden pattern?? You can find it HERE....xx


  1. How gorgeous. I love the photo shoot backdrop.

  2. Looks like a fun night was had by all! They turned out really cute!!

  3. So very cute!! Sounds like my kind of party! Food, sewing, and good girlfriends.

    What are you planning to do with the dolls?

  4. Sounds like such a fun night! Cute, cute, cute!

  5. Thanks so much for coming over. We definitely have to do this again. Maybe next time we could do the sleep over pals! I'll bring the chocolate and you bring an extra sewing machine :)

  6. What a lot of fun! Maybe I need to look into getting the book.....if i ever finish all my Christmas sewing!

  7. How cute! Those little mermaids are adorable! I think I might have to get that book. Thanks Rebecca for the tips on how to make your Hungry Caterpillar quilt. I have finished the quilt top and am now getting ready to quilt it! It looks great!

  8. Yay! We'll definitely have to do it again!!! And I love the photo of me and Jordy! So Cute! I've never noticed before that our eyes are VERY similar...... could we be related??? ;-) xx Love you! Kaila

  9. I really like the Curlicue Crush, while its pattern would 100% match my bedroom decor, you could also make it into a holiday quilt b/c of the ornament shaped block. Love it!


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