Thursday, August 25, 2011

Do you dabble in this?

I have a thing for little girls clothes. I see so many cute ones popping up around the place but i cant stop making quilts long enough to try something new..

A close friend of mine who used to Quilt, has started an online business selling her cute dresses for little girls. I thought I would introduce her to you!!
Hi!! My name is Lorraine, and i'm excited to share my dresses with you today!
I am a wife, and mother of 5, and Nanny to 10 adorable children. I started Primrose Lane Creations around 4 months ago.  I love dramatic fabrics, some shout Pick Me!! and some whisper You Know You Want Me!!  Some you know straight away what to do with and some will sit on the shelf until one day you go AHA....
I love to make Unique clothing for Unique little girls. One of my Favourites is the Kimono dress.
It is dramatic in any fabric. I have made it ultra modern or Shabby Chic, and i only ever use a fabric combination once..
I make sizes 1-10 and some styles to size 16. 
I'm selling my dresses through Facebook.. You can find me HERE
 If you see anything you like, just comment on the photo page. I can also do custom orders for you!

...Pop over and check out her shop!! She adds new dresses all the time!
Thanks Lorraine! xx


  1. Those dresses are adorable!! Any little girl would be lucky to own one. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Cute dresses. I am sorry I don't have a little girl to dress up anymore.

  3. Absolutely darling and very inspirational! Thanks for sharing Rebecca!

  4. your little girl's clothes are as cute as can be! i used to sew for my little girls back in the day, and knit and crochet for them; now my daughter's daughter's girl is just starting jr high and none of them want things made for them. sigh.

  5. They are just beautiful! I have loved sewing for my daughter and I hope she will let me continue sewing for her a little while longer...


  6. Sweet little dresses! Thanks for sharing!

    And by the way, I used your hand-quilting tutorial from Quilting 101 and did my very first hand quilting today -it was so easy using our instructions! Thanks!!

  7. Hi, Bec and Hi, Lorraine! Your dresses are so cute! I like your taste in matching fabrics, and I know about things speaking to you, or ignoring you! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Awesome Dresses. The little girl in the 1st picture is so cute, all the girls are gorgeous in their little dresses. How do you find time?


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