Thursday, September 29, 2011

Quilt Class 101 - the Log Cabin

Hey all! How are you doing? I'm Kaye from Miss Print and I'm here today with a little tutorial for her Quilt Class 101 series. I'm creating a traditional log cabin block - according to Bec I am the queen of log cabins...who knew?! Today we will be creating a 12" log cabin block (12.5" when unfinished) that has three ; I hope you guys all like this tutorial!
What you'll need:
3.5x3.5" piece of fabric for centre square - go ahead and fussy cut something really cute for this!
Scraps of fabric each 2" in width

All seams are 1/4"
Here are your strip measurements - remember each strip is 2" wide:
For inner ring (i.e. right next to the centre square): one 3.5", two 5", one 6.5"
For middle ring: one 6.5", two 8", one 9.5"
For outer ring: one 9.5", two 11", one 12.5"

The Inner Ring:
Starting with your 3.5" strip sew, rights sides together, to the top of the centre square. Press your seams open. I like to press my seams open when sewing log cabins because of the multitude of seams and intersections.
Next sew a 5" strip, right sides together to the right side, of your centre square. Press.
Sew the second 5" strip, right sides together, to the bottom of the centre square. Press.
Sew the 6.5" strips, right sides together, to the left side of the centre square. Press.

The Middle Ring:
Continue adding the strips for your middle ring, as above, working in a clockwise direction beginning with the top strip - this would be a 6.5" strip, then an 8" strip, then the second 8" strip, and finally the 9.5" strip. Remember to press after adding each strip.

The Outer Ring:
Just as with the previous step, continue to add the strips for your outer ring moving in a clockwise fashion beginning with the top strip - this would be the 9.5" strip, then the 11" strip, then the other 11" strip, and finally the 12.5" strip. Remember to press after adding each strip.
Look at that - you're done! If you like continue making more log cabins - 36 blocks sewn together in 6x6 block grid will form a 72x72" quilt which is just perfect for snuggling under!

Thanks so much to Bec for inviting me over today and to all of you for reading along here. I really hope that y'all enjoyed my tutorial and don't be afraid to stop on over to my blog and say hi!

Thanks so much Kaye.. She is the Queen of the log cabin!! I just LOVE her blog and her inspiration!  She has made a couple cute tutorial variations of the log cabin HERE ..
for more Quilt Block Tutorials or Tutorials on How To Make A Quilt... You can Find them HERE... 
I hope your enjoying the class!! xx


  1. Thanks for showing the step-by-step! I have yet to try a log cabin block but they are one of my faves!

  2. Love the log cabin and love that fussy cut sofa...gorgeous. Thanks for such a clear tutorial.

  3. Thanks Kaye! This is a great tutorial, as I have never done a log cabin. This is the perfect motivation to try it. Also love the fabrics!

  4. Thank you for the tutorial! I've never done a log cabin block and think I am in love now. ;-D So easy!

  5. The fabric makes a traditional block look modern.

  6. I like log cabins. The first two finished quilts I made were log cabin.

  7. This is a great tutorial of a classic traditional block for beginning quilters! Log cabin was the very first quilt I made sew many years ago.

  8. Great tutorial, the log cabin block has always been one of my favorites! The fabrics look neat in it!
    Quilting by the River

  9. Really very nice post.thanks Kaye! This is a great tutorial, as I have never done a log cabin. This is the perfect motivation to try it. Also love the fabrics! Sports Good

  10. This is a great block. I absolutely love the purple couch in the middle.

  11. Just like my wife, she is into quilting. And i have to admit that her creations are beautiful. They makes a perfect accessory to my log-cabin.


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