Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Love For....Baby Quilts!

First of all i must send a big THANK YOU.... to all my new friends! I received lots of lovely comments!! It was so nice to wake up each morning to read my emails. I loved checking up on everyone, finding out a bit about you and reading your latest posts. Its a whole world out there i never knew existed and im so excited to be apart of it.

Second.... Baby Quilts!
For some strange reason i have a wierd facination with MASSIVE quilts. As Kate will tell you.. all the quilts i seem to make are huge! They float around the 70", 80", 90" mark. I dont know why? They never start out going to be big.... but they just always seem to end up... Huge! Maybe its my love for borders? My love for big prints?  Or my love for being able to showcase as many of my fav fabrics all at once?? I rarely make little quilts.

But, when i finally make a baby quilt........ i find it so enjoyable...theyre small, quick, easy to quilt, and you can whip one up in a couple days. Or even an evening if needs be.

Everyone loves making quilts for that precious little one coming to us straight from heaven. So when my girlfriend told me she was having a baby... im got in the making... I havent wanted to share it with you just yet, as its a surprise and I didnt want her to come across it too soon....

I found great inspiration from a free quilt pattern from Windham Fabrics changed it a bit, and voila!

  Finished Quilt size 52"  x  52" and Of Course I had to do a Pieced back!! 

Well I hope she likes it.....A nice little bundle for her Sweet little one!


  1. Becky I love it!! its so perfect and I am sure that your friend will love it too!!

    Ally xx

  2. It is wonderful! The colors are beautiful and the pieced backing is just as gorgeous as the front. She will love it!

  3. Your quilt is gorgeous! The fabrics are beautiful and I love a pieced back!

  4. Hi Rebecca, your quilt is lovely. It's such a good feeling to make something from your heart and give it to someone special. I am looking foward to meeting you at the next guild meeting.

  5. Just hopped over from Kate's blog. What a lovely baby quilt! A simple, yet beautiful design with gorgeous colors! It will be a hit for sure!


  6. The colors are beautiful and I love the design. The mother and baby will love it.

  7. Thanks for the link to the Windham pattern and definitely adding it to my collection. Your version is so lovely!

  8. Gorgeous baby quilt! One of my friends alaways makes MASSIVE quilts too...odd! I lovethat baby quilt...a sweet gift!

  9. I am sure mommy and baby will love it. A nice generous sized baby quilt is always a good idea because they don't stay a baby forever. I am sure she will love it for years to come.

  10. Beautiful fabrics and I love that fussy-cut bird! I'm tending more toward the 50-60 inch quilts these days - enough to snuggle under, but not enough to drive me crazy when I machine quilt it on my Singer!

  11. She'll love it. I have a theory about why you make big quilts. You have a big house. When you lay out your quilts on the floor they look small so you make them bigger. When I lay out my lap quilt on the floor it takes up the whole room and looks huge. Also I can't be bothered rugby tackling my quilt under my machine to quilt it.

  12. I love it! The colors go so well together and the fabrics are perfect. I did have to smile when I saw the size (52x52) because that's a "bigger" baby quilt... LOL... but perfect because the quilt will last long into childhood too!

    Jennifer :)

  13. Gorgeous quilt. I myself love big quilts too. I make them big so I can use them on my bed. Its so lovely sleeping inder one of your own creations.

  14. bec this is so pretty! the patterns and colours are gorgeous looks this good because you have a gift! beautiful quilt!
    al xxx

  15. SO COOL BEC! I had no idea you sewed. I'm very amateur and sew mostly home decor, reupholstery, baby stuff, etc. I've never quilted, but your quilts make me want to! What a talent. I'll keep watching and maybe someday give it a try.

    Hope all is well with your darling little fam.


  16. ur the best i must admit thanx to u im started to sew and that now, and hopefully make a little baby blanket as good as yours.

    So thanx heaps Love Jazzy

    (from church)


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