Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see??

... I see lots of quilts looking at me!... If you have ever read the Brown Bear book you'll know what I'm talking about!!...but if not??  well,....yes I am a little crazy! For those of you who have been following...Here is my 
Book Quilt No.3. Brown Bear.

In this Cute Children's book... It starts out with the Brown Bear ...

"Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See??? I see a Red Bird Looking at Me!!"  

... and goes through the book with each different coloured animal looking at the next one. At  the end of the book and you can see them all!!.... Its just gorgeous! Its definitely a family Fav!!

It has been a favourite of my two little ones for a few years now. When they were young, they would guess what the animal was called. Then as they learnt their colours, they would excitedly yell out the colour. Then as they grew, they would try and guess what animal came next? Now, my big 5 year old READS the book to his little sister. ( they grow too fast!!)

So as you can guess, when I first saw the fabric made from the Brown Bear Book, I couldn't resist! I have had it sitting on my shelf for a very long time and finally got round to making it into a quilt. The material comes in a fabric panel of squares with the animal in the middle. I felt this quilt really lent itself to just squares. Sometimes 'just squares' can be a little plain, but i think in this quilt, it suits the fabric.

The backing fabric is definitely my Favourite!! I also used some left over scraps for the quilt top from My Very Hungry Caterpillar Quilt. I decided to straight line quilt it, 1/4" either side of the seam. I'm really please how it turned out.

A VERY eesy peesy quilt and it was a pleasure to sew. I think we need a few of these occasionally. Especially  when were tackling a difficult quilt and need a bit of head space. I think I have a thing for story books that turn into fabric bolts! Unfortunately this is the last quilt in my Book Series... but with so many great fabrics being released... Saggy Baggy Elephant, Dr Seuss...It might not be my last!  The Fat Quarter Shop   has an amazing range, more being released every month!... mmm Cant Wait!! xx 

OH and P.S. If you haven't read Brown Bear... Its a must!! Go hunt one down... you wont be disappointed!


  1. Yes, Brown Bear was a favorite of my kids too! In fact, they loved most of Eric Carle's books. A wonderful quilt finish!

  2. Haha! One of my kids favourites too, my little girl has Down Syndrome and we used this book to teach colours and animals.I colour copied and laminated the animals to make a matching game too!! They're a bit old now for a quilt like this but I might just make one anyway!!!

  3. Ah, how lovely! The squares look just right. I did a saterpilar one for my son- just stripes ;):

  4. We have Panda Bear, Panda Bear sitting in front of me as we speak!

  5. Thanks for stopping by. And yes...the name of the new quilt is called Buttercream Summer.
    Your compliments humble me.

    Love these fun fabrics!

  6. LOVE Brown Bear. It was my daughter's favorite and even now she says that it's a "baby book" but I still find her reading it from time to time. Your quilt is just adorable!

    Jennifer :)

  7. I love Brown Bear and I love your quilt! It makes me wish I had some of the fabric to make one of my own! Of course, I am back at work...teacher...and don't know when I'd get to it, but that doesn't matter!

  8. I just finished and pin basted a Brown Bear quilt. I made Bear Paw blocks. Love this book. One of my favorites.

  9. The squares are just perfect. Great memories.


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