Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Birds Of Paradise

I know its inexcusable in blog land to let a WHOLE week go by without a new post or comment.... but i know you'll understand. Sometimes weeks fly by, and some, you just barely make it through... however.... this last week for me was a little of both.... GOOD NEWS though...my machine did get a bit of use... I have a new quilt top to show you!! 

My new Quilt is called 'Birds of Paradise' (thanks mum!) made with the beautiful Japanese fabrics... the Echino range. I bought my fabric from Kelani at the Sydney Darling Harbour Quilt show..

..but you can also buy it from Hawthorne threads and Fabricworm...and I'm sure many others fabric stores stock it....but they are a couple of my favourites.

The fabric is a cotton?linen blend... kinda like the Heather Ross FFA2 collection. I matched it up with some Kona Cottons.....Glacier, Cerise, Berry, Mulberry and the cream ( with the sun setting behind me, the cream does look a little pink in photo) but it is Kona Cotton Ivory.

This Quilt Pattern 'Bird Of Paradise' will also soon be available as a downloadable pattern and as a paper pattern or download from my lovely stockists!! When I have it all finished and quilted, Ill also have another giveaway!! xx

My little Indi was my helper... she looks just thrilled doesn't she!!

I am struggling now though.... How should I Quilt it??? Any suggestions??? Please I need all the advice you have got. I have a beautiful Egyptian cotton thread for hand quilting.... You can see it in last post...but I'm unsure where to start...straight line quilting? wavy line quilting? just stitch in the ditch?.....mmmm whats your advice?? As a little bonus, for my favourite quilting suggestion... Ill email you through this new pattern!! xx

I must say, after a busy week...I have enjoyed a bit of head space just sewing. I have a few more projects in the pipeline... so hopefully ill have a couple more to show soon. xx


  1. Rebecca, that's just gorgeous. I struggle with quilting ideas so I hesitate to give you mine for this, but I would keep it simple.

  2. Fantastic fabrics and great idea for using them!

  3. This quilt is just beautiful! I love the color combinations you chose and your layout, too. I think if it were me, I would do a quilt in the ditch around the squares/rectangles and the colored sashing, too...but I think the longer rectagles will need something more in the centers....Maybe some stippling or flowers or something? I've only ever quilted one quilt, so I'm not exactly an expert :-)

  4. Just discovered your blog and am IN LOVE with this quilt. Wow, I want one... I really do!

    Gorgeous design, really gorgeous.

  5. Another great quilt pattern! I think you should keep it simple for the quilting as the echino speaks for itself!!

  6. Fantastic! I love that fabric and your quilt does it absolute justice. The way you have used the fabric makes me think, I wish I had thought of that!

  7. Wow your quilt looks awesome, love those fabrics. I think simple is good too. I would do wave lines, kinda like birds flying,like the way children draw seagulls.......two half circles joined. Hope you get my meaning. Enjoy the journey.

  8. That is just gorgeous - great pattern! Maybe stippled quilting in all the frames and then criss-crosses in the large panels? Or Stippled in all the white and straight lines in the box frames and large panels?

  9. It turned out just beautifully! I'm glad you went for the Kona cottons instead of the echino solids. The colours are beautiful.

    I would be tempted to go for an overall design. I'm partial to the random wavy lines because its just so easy. I'm sure you'll figure out something great. You always do.

  10. Great quilt. I could read it over...

    As for quilting it - no clue - haven't done too many quilts to figure that out yet...


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