Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fabric Book Week!

The very first quilt show i went to 2 years ago, i was overwhelmed by the amazing fabrics that were available. It was there that this crazy obsession/addiction began. I remember the very first bundle of material i bought was the Dick and Jane series by Michael Miller. I actually bought it to make a fabric book, but then decided on something much better......a QUILT! Since then I have been drawn to Fabric that is made from Children's books. It must be my motherly instinct or something..... There is just something lovely about being snuggled up in a quilt, and reading the book of the fabric your wrapped in!!

So, for this coming week Ive decided to show you a few of the quilts ive made using fabrics from childrens books.

This fabric, is the famous and very loved " Very Hungry Caterpillar".  I was able to pick up a the panel and a few coordinating fabrics.... It took ages to complete as the fabric was constantly sold OUT!!! I thought the fabric definitely leant itself to strips...across the top, bottom and through the middle.

I cut random strips in different widths, for the side block and sew them together to make the traditional log cabin... For the centre of the log cabin block i raw edge appliqued a piece of food in the centre.

Its a little hard to see the quilting, excuse my dodgy pics.... but I machine quilted it in strips across the width and i shadow quilted it by hand around the main Caterpillar centre blocks. And a little hand quilting borders in the log cabin blocks.

I just couldn't go past this gorgeous fabric.... and had to use the multicoloured dot on the back!!

There are so many amazing fabrics popping up now from our favourite childhood classics. Saggy Baggy Elephant, i just adore the new Dr Seuss range! Over this next week ill show you a few of my other quilts Ive finished , made from storybook fabric...

Id love to showoff your quilts as well... So, If any of you have finished a quilt using book inspired fabric.... please send me an email and i can add your photo and a link to your site on my blog over this next coming week....!! I look forward to seeing all your projects!! xxx


  1. You just can't miss with Eric Carle's Hungry Caterpillar. That was wonderful fabric and you did a fantastic job! Can't wait to receive your patterns!

  2. We love the hungry caterpillar in this house - great quilt!

  3. One of my son's favorite books and he knows it word for word at just over 2 yrs old!! Every time I read that book I thought wow these would be great colors for a quilt top--WELL looks like the fabric designers have beat me to it! I might have to try to score some of this fabric---so beautifully done by you;)

  4. What a cute fun quilt! I used to read that to my kids when they were little. I miss those fun, simple reads. How fun to have a quilt to remember those favorite books.

  5. I really like the idea of snuggling up in your favourite book, maybe with your favourite book.
    I really like your hungry caterpillar, great for a small child in a book corner!

  6. Becky.. this quilt is so cute!!! I do love the hungry catterpillar too!! Ally xx

  7. I've seen a few hungry caterpillar quilts and yours is by far the best! What a fabulous idea to have a 'book week'. Unfortunately I haven't done any book quilts yet, so I have nothing to show. Can't wait to see your other quilts. By the way, your site's looks fab!

  8. Great quilt! Can't wait to see what's in store the rest of the week. New to your blog and happy to have discovered you.

  9. I have a saggy baggy eleephant book just BEGGING for a good home...I am still not sure what to do with it. It doesn't have words, so I don't think it is a book, but its a panel, and I don't much like those in qquilts. These are lovely! Thanks for sharing!


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