Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Busy Busy...

We have all been Really Busy in the Johnson household..
Were Selling Our House!! 
So, as you can imagine i have been busy cleaning out cupboards, tidying shelves, reorganising, staining, resealing, painting.... and getting it all ready for people to come look!...  So i thought i would take you on a tour ....
(and hopefully you will forgive me for having 7 days gaps in between the last two blog posts!!)

Our House
   Lounge/Dining Room


Enclosed Deck/Entertaining Area

Formal Lounge/ Hubbies Office

My bedroom and Ensuite
One of the Kids Rooms - Indi's Room
 (If you look close you will see quite a few quilts scattered through out the house... But i didn't make this one in Indi's Room....That's a bought one before my quilting days)

Kids Bathroom
 Despite my busy schedule I have managed to still squeeze in precious sewing time...which has left ABSOLUTELY no time for blogging!.. I do have a new quilt top to show you soon though and lots of  little projects will be popping up here and there...Quilt Story, Ucreate Tutorial, a couple New Patterns... So don't give up on me just yet!! xx


  1. Your house is gorgeous! I'd buy it in a snap - but I love sunny queensland too much! Sorry!

  2. Beautiful! I love that enclosed patio.

  3. That house is amazing---I want to live there!!! I am sure you are really going to miss it!! Looking forward to seeing your quilt top;)

  4. Beautiful home! why are you selling? Where are you going? Um, where do you do your sewing??

  5. Wow, that sounded a little nosy of me. Sorry... :)

  6. Wow what a beautiful house, why would you want to sell. I agree with the above. Where r u moving too. I just couldnt sell a house that looks like that, I will swap mine for yours.

  7. If only our houses could look that spic and span all the time - not likely with kidlets and animals around! Maybe I should do a "lets pretend we are selling the house day!" once a year and I could enjoy the result (if only for a short time lol!)
    I love the opened shutters between the bed and ensuite - cool idea! and yes - where do you sew?

  8. Your house it absolutely amazing! I think its one of the best houses I've been in. I can't believe you guys designed it. When I build one day I want you and Trav to be my consultants!!

  9. Oh Bec you have done a great job showcasing your house. It's always so much fun to have an adventure and change your home. I hope it sells the perfect time for you. Can you move next door to me please! :)

  10. Wow, gorgeous house! Thanks for sharing!!!

  11. Wowzers! It looks great, I am sure it will sell in no time :-)

  12. Amazing home. Ilove your sure will miss that awesome outdoor section.....Why oh why are you moving.......Good luck with the sale I am sure it will be snapped gorgeous.

  13. I love an open floor plan like yours! Our home isn't as open but it is still an open plan. You should have no trouble selling yours!


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