Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New Quilt and (soon to be) New Pattern - Eden's Garden!

Spring is Here!!.....Spring would probably be my favourite season. I LOVE the warmer weather..i LOVE flowers, i LOVE getting out in the garden...so i thought what better way to celebrate Spring.... than with a New Floral Quilt!

I have a thing for flowers... and i love floral fabric.. i fell in love with this 'newish' range from Patricia Bravo called Paradise. You can purchase it here... and This fabric is amazingly soft. It is a Premium Cotton with slogan "feel the difference" and....you really can! Its just beautiful to touch.

My new Quilt uses the two different colourways in the 'Paradise' range...It measures 69 x 84"...and is named after my pretty little sister Eden.

I have always wanted to make a quilt with big flowers randomly placed on it... but I'm not really one for applique..so of course... these flowers are
all machine pieced 

I've decided to hand quilt big loops coming out from the centre of the flower...out to each petal... in either lemon or pink....probably both! And hand quilt a few flowers on the Kona snow background.


This is the backing fabric I'm using with a pretty lemon solid for the binding..


This New Pattern 'Eden's Garden' should be ready for purchase from my shop in a couple weeks....xx
if your up for a Giveaway??...pop on over to Ali's Blog.. she has some Anna Maria Horner Fabric up for grabs.


  1. It's so beautiful Bec!! The hand quilting idea sounds really lovely ... I can't wait for the pattern to become available XO

  2. The flowers are awesome---you machine stitched this ---WOW!!

  3. That is beautiful! I love it and the fabric is oh, so pretty!

  4. another beautiful quilt. I really like it when you can machine quilt something and have it look like applique. yay! And the fabric is gorgeous!

  5. That is really, really beautiful! I love those fabrics anyway, and you've really made them into a wonderful quilt!

  6. Beautiful! I love the fabric choices!

    Jennifer :)

  7. So pretty! Really loving the flowers - very clever! You rock Becca!

  8. I love the flower block. Curves are so versatile. Beautiful quilt.

  9. Wow! Its turned out amazing! I can't wait to see it in real life. The hand quilting will really make this quilt spectacular.

  10. bec im in love with this quilt!, the colours, the pattern...EVERYTHING! well done you talented woman!

  11. Beautiful design - I love it!


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