Thursday, June 9, 2011


Hi Everyone, Sorry I'm a bit late on our Quilt Class for this week. It was Indi's 4th Birthday today and my time these past few days have been spent, baking cakes, making lolly bags, decorating cakes, tidying, cooking, cleaning, shopping, sewing cute Bunting Flags (got a Tute coming for you!) organising, decorating, games, tea parties, family parties, pressies, food.. too much food... You get the idea!... I'm exhausted! But, we had a fun day...
Cake decorating
Tea parties
Dancing, Pressies, Family, Candles
I don't think it gets better than that!!
Happy Birthday Indi xx We love you!! xx

Quilt Class will be back as soon as i have a second to breathe... xx


  1. Looks like a ton of fun! And it looks exhausting - get some rest.

  2. Four year old princess parties rate higher than quilt class even though class is a lot of fun too.

  3. So sweet. I love the Barbie cake too. Great job mama! We have a 6th birthday coming here next week and my daughter has requested a swimming pool cake with the pool made of Jello!

  4. It sounds like everyone had a ton of fun!!! Those pictures are adorable!!! Thank you so much for sharing!! Now get some rest =D

  5. this looks like a perfect little girls party...full of pink fun

  6. Oh what a FUN party! I wish I could've been there...(I know 58 is a bit old for a doll party. But, I still luv them!)

    no need to feel bad about a class...1st things FIRST. =)


  7. Haapy Birthday to Indi!!!!
    She's so lovely ^___^

  8. Happy birthday to Indi! My birthday was on the 3rd and it was my worst everhad to put our sweet dog of 15 yrs to sleep...- please don't apologize for delaying the class! We totally understand and family MUST come first anywya! Personally I have enjoyed the break*wink* rest Becca! We will still be here when you get back! Hugs

  9. P.s. you put together quite a special princess party! Look at those big smiles!!

  10. What a beautiful girl! Happy birthday Indi!

  11. What fun - oh, the Barbie cake - as timeless as the doll. Precious moments not to miss.

  12. Every home needs a princess or two or three. What a fun party!

  13. A Barbie Cake!!! You went all out. Your daughter is one lucky four year old.

  14. OH can you do my Birthday next!!! Your daughter is so pretty and she looked like she had a fabulous time hanging with her peeps;)


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