Thursday, September 30, 2010

From this!!!

As i just shared, I recently bought myself a NEW camera. A Canon 1000D DSLR. Its just an 'entry level' Digital SLR camera... but is incredible compared to my little 'Point and Shoot'  camera (you can see i did my research from all my technical knowledge!! ) Anyway, when i got it home and got it out of the box and saw how lovely it looked....
..then saw the BIG BLACK BORING CANON STRAP..... i thought.... UGLY is THIS!!!.....

So I turned This........Into This!!

 I had remembered seeing various tutorials on Camera straps, and Camera Strap Covers...etc and with my own fabric arriving this week... I thought it suited perfectly!!!

It definately turned my camera from looking a bit Industrial to a little bit more lovely. It was easy and quick... the hardest part was unpicking the hardware at the bottom of the original strap.

This tutorial with the ruffle came from Crap Ive Made and she also did another pieced Camera strap tutorial here. You can also find another tutorial here. But there are lots out there.... Just look to find the Perfect one for you!.. In most of the tutorials... they use heavy fusible interfacing. I just used left over batting and I found it worked perfectly... and its WAY more comfy on my neck than the original Canon strap!

Photo Courtesy of my Iphone...
  And for those of you that like a quick fix... You can find already sewn Camera straps and Covers for purchase from various etsy shops... one of my favourites is knitty bitties. She has a whole shop full of gorgeous covers....mmm i think id like one in every colour!


  1. Sooooo cute!! And soooo personalized! I love it!

  2. That's beautiful...I love your idea!

  3. Lovely! I really need to make one of these for our camera!

  4. That's really nice! A camera strap cover has been on my to do list for ages - I've not seen the ruffle one though I think it's just inspired me to do a little make for me!!

  5. I love it. A new cover has been on my list forever. I think I need to break down and order one from somebody else.

  6. I just got a new Canon DSLR too. Definitely in need of a new strap cover. But I'm kind of intimidated--by the camera, not making the strap cover! So one thing at a time. BTW, the ruffles are super cool!!

  7. So very pretty, love the fabric. Nice job, Rebecca! I would love a DSLR, but when I dropped my point and shoot on the cement the other day (not good), we decided we needed to replace that...but I plan to make a cute case for it this week, before our upcoming trip to Italy- yahooo!!!! We'll see if I get it done :-)

  8. Stupendous! I could do without the ruffles (but then, I'm a boy), but love it all the same.


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