Sunday, September 26, 2010

What Have I Been Up To??

Well......Let me show you a few pics....

This Fabric arrived last week. Its the beautiful new range from Patricia Bravo...Paradise.
I bought mine from Hawthorne Threads... but I'm sure there are many stores stocking it....

 I then cut it up into little squares and cut these into template pieces....and this week i have spent a few hours pinning!! .....
 This may look like an absolute nightmare to some of you...and then again, therapeutic to others.... I happen to be in the Therapeutic group. I just sit, and watch the kids play,... and pin, watch them draw.... and pin, watch them do tricks on their scooters... and pin.... I watch TV, and pin, sit and talk on the phone and pin,  Yes LOTS of pinning... but well worth the effort! 

This lovely pile means I can sit and SEW and SEW and SEW! All these squares are for my new Quilt in the making... I worked out I need 144 of them!! I cant show you just yet... but this new Quilt and soon to be new pattern is made up of corner to corner curves...very fun!

The other thing I have been doing this week is..........TAKING PICTURES!!....

I splurged on a new camera!! A Canon EOS 1000D, Digital SLR camera. It has been fun learning all about the many functions you can use...  I was a little embarrassed telling the sales man that i needed a 'NEW' camera to take pictures of Quilts for my Blog! Yes he did look at me a little weird ....but hey!! I'm Excited!...... and can you guess who else is excited?

My little Indi!! Loves pictures....

And 2 Yards of My Paisley Fabric arrived from Spoonflower....
(Its so hard to get a great Picture of it... The pictures just dont do the material justice.) with my new fabric, I'm off to girly up my camera with a New Camera Strap! I found a great tutorial from Crap I've Made...haha.. Great Blog title!!  I'm going to give it a try.. 
ill be delighted to show you some pictures!! xxx


  1. My dream camera! And all that lovely fabric, lucky you! Can't wait to see your new quilt.

  2. woah! yeah..that is a LOT of pinning!!! looks exciting though.
    and happy for your new purchase - have fun wit your camera :)

  3. I love that Pat Bravoline but with soooo much fabric currently in my stashola I think I need to sew before I indulge again!

  4. Hello litlte one...your daughter is a gem...
    your camera. well can we talk? lol
    love both of them..and yes there is something about a camera that is this good to take beautiful pics of your quilts..I get
    blessings msamm

  5. I am interested in seeing your new quilt. Looks quite tedious, but like you said while watching TV or the kids or whatever keeping your hands busy. I am doing that right now by putting the binding on this twin size quilt. Half way there!!

    Have a beautiful Sunday;)

  6. I love your paisley fabric! You designed that? It's so great! I'm off to look at that camera strap tute. I desperately need one too.

  7. How I hate pins!!!!!!
    I do however love your new camera. I remember when I got mine how professional I felt and how fun it was playing with all the new bits. Unfortunately it still relies on me to take a good photo, oh well.
    Good luck with the new quilt I'm sure it will be gorgeous!

  8. Looking forward to seeing what you do with those yummy fabrics. Great pics from a great camera. Love the spoonflower fabric...makes a nice background too.

  9. Your pics look heaps better! Looks like you made the right choice. I'm glad its therapeutic for you - that many pins go into the nightmare category for me. I can't wait to see how this all comes together - its going to be gorgeous!

  10. I don't think I even own that many pins! And super jealous of your new camera! I'm sure you will have tons of fun with it.

  11. I have been looking at all your quilts and they are lovely ! Not to mention your cute ;-)

  12. That fabric is gorgeous — can't wait to see the blocks!


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