Friday, September 17, 2010

Good and Bad News!!

Well lets start with the GOOD news!! I have been over to to find 3 Winners from my Rolling Meadows Quilt Pattern and Fabric Giveaway.......

Winner #77 - Fabric and Pattern!!
I found your blog through Lovely Little Handmades when they gave away some of your patterns a little while back :)

Winner #129 - My Pattern
Jeni said...
A beautiful quilt! I found you through Kate Conklin! :)

Winner #33 - My Pattern 
Kathleen C. said...
I do love your quilt and the eye catching tree fabric. What a kind giveaway you've put together. I know I found you through another blogger's link; it might have been at Kate Conklin Designs.
Thanks very much.

Thank you so much to everyone who has entered!! Winners, Ill be in touch!!

I now know, most of you... have come over from my BFF and Partner in Crime...  Kate!! Arent we lucky to have friends! I Love you Kate!

Now for the BAD news... My computer died! It crashed.. something major happened....wont turn on, wont turn off! So its in getting fixed and what a drama it has been to be with out it. I know, YOU know, how difficult it is to live without your computer close by. I never realised how much I jump on quickly, here and there. My hubby seems to blame ME!! Of course!

He said "It has never had a problem before YOU started Blogging and Blog Hopping all over the place..."
Ah Yes, My fault...Of course it is!!  So im borrowing a family computer.. which means I have NO PICS to show.. I spose the GOOD thing that has come out of not having my computer is.... I have actually been busy sewing and making things...other than Quilts!! i know..Its a surprise! Ill blog about them soon.

So I was searching blogs to see if I could find a picture of something- from me... and I was lucky enough to find some pictures over at Material Obsession. The Lovely Kathy loved my Sand Castle Quilt Pattern and has taken a few pics of it on her blog here and here! Thanks Kathy!! xx


  1. Oh yes. You and your blog hopping. That must be it. I do love the term blog hopping though. I must steal that phrase!

    Congrats on finding your quilt featured on Material Obsession! That's still not the one I saw before. I keep looking out for it but it's disappeared. Maybe all their blogging killed their computer. tee hee. I have to tease.

  2. WOW! I was just enjoying my morning coffee and read this ~ THANK YOU!!

  3. Congrats to the winners! Computer problems are so frustrating! I hope it gets fixed soon!

  4. Thanks so much! What a great pattern this will be to use, and I'll have fun with the fabrics I chooose-maybe fabrics that are not in my normal "comfort zone". Kathleen

  5. Hi Rebecca! I just made a post about the finished quilt from this win. THANKS again! My sister is going to LOVE it!


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