Monday, August 24, 2020

Chasing Cottons Quilt Patterns available direct through me..

My Chasing Cottons Quilt Patterns are still Available while Bluprint and Craftsy organise their site. 

You can still purchase them direct from me for $10.
 If you just send me a quick email.. 

I can email you the pattern your after.

Thanks everyone!! And i really hope your all doin ok in this new world of covid we find ourselves in... Stay safe, healthy, and Happy sewing!! xx Bec  

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Find me on Instagram!

Hey Everyone....
How are you??? I'm doing great!! Busily Sewing and making things....
Its been a while since i have last blogged and I'm finding it so hard lately to take pics of what I'm making, load them on the computer, edit them, compress them, upload them, and then WRITE a blog post!!!
I've missed keeping in contact with everyone and i have been Sewing, trying my hand at crocheting, writing a few new patterns, buying fabrics, painting and selling my Anniversary Cushions, and now making cute buntings for all sorts of occasions....Sooooo....
I decided that i would finally join the world of INSTAGRAM!!!
You can find me
I know I'm a little late in doing so.... But it is going to be a great way to keep in contact and i can share all the projects I've got going....
I'm also going to be selling some of my Quilts I'm Making.... and this will be a quick way for you to be first to see them in case you want to buy one?? xx
If you want to find me, Just search ChasingCottons and i should pop up!!
And please leave me a msg so i can pop back and find you and follow what you have been up to!! And then there is always Facebook.... if you want to find me there xx
Miss you guys... But this will be so much easier! Clever Instagram People! xx
Here's a few pics of a few of my last projects...
and..... My Little Helper!! xx

Monday, January 27, 2014

Anniversary Cushions - Wedding, Birthday, Occasion!! xx

Hi Everyone... How are you doing? 
Just a quick post to tell you i am still alive and well :)
We had a wonderful Christmas and New Years and Im really excited for what 2014 will bring. 
This year im going to venture into the world of Local Markets! I'm a bit nervous... Its kinda scary putting yourself out there for people to look at you and look at what your selling... But I thought it might be fun... 
Afterall i do love sewing and i love making bits and pieces... so i thought I would start with these....
 Anniversary Cushions.... 
What ya think??? 
I had seen a few out there in the world of etsy etc but couldnt find one i actually wanted myself. I liked having the numbers all join together so its more of a point of interest as to
 "What is that number??" 
Than a cushion that was separated with dots or dash's.... i felt those ones screamed DATE! Everytime you looked at em...!
So i decided to make one for me, the way i would like mine...
 Then.... My Sister saw it and she wanted one... 
 Then my Sister in Law saw it and wanted one too...
 Then my mum saw it and wanted one as well.... 
 and i thought... Maybe i could make them for people as pressies for wedding gifts etc.... Or for Kids Birthdays?? This one was for my Indi...
Which then led me to doing my first Market AND I decided that I would start to 
sell them online 
from my Etsy shop HERE
Which one would you get??
I Make them in Natural Burlap, Cream Burlap and Natural linen....
Withe numbers in Black, White, Pink and Gold...
 Thats what Ive been up to.....
 How about you????
xxx I do miss you guys.... I miss my online buddies and our chats here and there. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year...
AND i hope 2014 is wonderful for you!!!!
xx Bec

also.... for my International Friends that want one.... I sell just the cushion cover... so its easy to post!! To get your insert.... just pop into your local IKEA... They have inserts there for super cheap!! Polyester and Feather!! xx

Friday, October 25, 2013

New Quilt Pattern "French Connection" for Bloggers Quilt Festival!!!

Hello Everyone!!!! I know its been a while since i jumped on to blog. Well, a little more than a while... but i am alive and well, AND surrounded by kids!! My little Kobe baby No. 4 is keeping me on my toes. He is now 18 months! He doesn't sit still much, doesn't sleep well and i cant train him to watch TV, sooooo i don't get a whole lot of time for sewing these days or BLOGGING!!!! But i do get to keep in touch with blogland a nights once the kiddies are in bed.
I cant believe that it is Bloggers Quilt festival again!! And I'm excited to be apart of it. Thank you Amy for all you do!!
Here's my offering for the festival. 
"French Connection"
I have had this quilt on my to do list for a while and when the editor of Homespun gave me a nudge, to get a project done for the October edition of the Magazine... i dusted off the machine and whipped up this little number!!
You know me,..... I really like my curves! Ive seen this design/print around alot and have been dying to make it into a quilt.....I was really happy with how it turned out...
What do you think??
Because i LOVE the Bloggers Quilt Festival so much,
 i have pattern for sale......

You can buy it from HERE

The pattern will only be available for one week only...... For the first week of the festival.... and then it wont be able to be available again for a few months..(Magazine rules)
You can also buy a copy of the Australian Homespun Magazine in your local newsagent
 Here's a copy of the October cover so you wont miss it!! They also have some great children's patterns in this month!
Thanks for stopping by.......
I hope you enjoy the rest of the Festival....
i know i will.......
Have fun.... Happy reading!!! xx

Thursday, January 31, 2013

I L.O.V.E....... PINTEREST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm having soooo much fun pinning!!!
It's like finding all your favourite pics/ tutorials/ DIY projects/ on the web and screen capturing..... Only better!!
You get to save all your favourite pictures on your board, AND all your pictures include links!!!! I am sooooooo in love!!!
If your a pinner... Pop on over to

Bec Johnson

and say Hi! I'm hooked!!

P.s. I'm blogging this from my Ipad... Yikes! I have no idea if it will work, but these days loading up the images and my computer isn't much of an option when I have a little tike constantly biting my heels!

Love ya!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Another one...

... another Baby one...
Hope you like it Ame xx


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