Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Another one...

... another Baby one...
Hope you like it Ame xx

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Hawaiian Wedding, A Holiday and A Quilt

On September 7th, My little brother Nath and his beautiful Bride Kalou were married for Time and all Eternity in the Hawaiian LDS Temple. 
Lucky for us they chose Hawaii to get married. 
My brother Nath lives in Hawaii, Eden and her husband came from Canada, we had other Relo's come from Canada... and we flew over from Australia. 
It was so great to all meet up and have an AMAZING 3 week holiday together!!
We stayed a week in Waikiki... a week at the Turtle bay Resort and a week back in Waikiki...
Of course... I had to make him a quilt for their new little place and being Hawaii and all.... it had to be beachy!! (Actually, i know he'd kill me if i had made it floral)
and.... what's a beach quilt without a few little beach huts??
For the back of the quilt... i just kept it simple and in the traditional Red and Yellow Aussie Surf Life Saving Colours.
As you can imagine we had such a great time...
Relaxing, shopping, sunbaking, wedding celebrations, dinners, restaurants, walks, snorkelling, and the best part....just all being together.
The happy couple...
The Beautiful bride!...
We love you guys xx
 and Kalou....
Welcome to the family!!
I'm SOOOO stoked to have another sister!! xx

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some Eye Candy Pics.... from our Halloween Party!
Hope you had a fun and Spooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooky Halloween!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Not much Blogging but lots of sewing...

I have been quite absent on the blog front... I have been absorbed in my little family (we are all loving every second of our sweet baby), I have made 5 new quilts, my little brother got married,
We spent 3 weeks livin it up in Hawaii... Oh i wish we could live on holidays forever. I just love playing all day and having my hubby around 24/7!
 I can fill you in on all details another time.. I figure if I'm going to do a blog post after so long... It better contain pics of a Quilt...?? ....Right??
Here's quilt 1 of 5.... A Pink one!!!
It was fun making a pink one for a change...
Love ya!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My Baby Sling

It's lucky i have the cutest baby in the world....
because I had forgotten how hard it is having a newborn.... although i think now i've forgotten what its like to have more than a few hours sleep. I used to have so much energy and extra time. For those of you who don't seem to have bad memory like me, do you remember how your days run into each other??

I feed.. then burp.. feed some more.. play a little. I settle.. he falls asleep.. wakes up shortly after.... with wide eyes as if hes been asleep for hours.. i try and settle again.  He doesn't want to go back to sleep and i realise... Ahh yep its been 3-4 hrs.. time to feed AGAIN!!
Yep I'm tired and it's constant.... but i am loving every minute of it.
I love being busy with a new baby. It doesn't leave me much time to do all the things i used to... like sewing, taking pictures, and blogging... Not to mention keeping up with the other kiddies and doing the cleaning and washing jobs... YUCK!! I realised today its been nearly been a MONTH.. since i last blogged. WOW where did that go?? So, when i was out and about today, carrying Kobe around in the baby sling i made, i realised I hadn't even shown you one of my most favouritest things... My baby sling!!! So standing in the middle of a car park, i got mum to take a few quick pics on her phone so i could show you.
The front...
and the back...
I just love it.
Is it because i get to carry around a baby with out him breaking my arms?? Or is it because he snuggles in at the perfect height?
Or is it because its made with Anna Maria Horners amazing Velveteen?? mmmm i think that's it!....
Its so soft. So warm. So glamorous.

I have been dying to make a baby sling ever since i bought the book
To make the sling you need a piece of deco weight fabric 23 1/2" x 60". I used two pieces of the velveteen so it could be lined. I had originally bought the fabric to make a baby bag... but this was a WAY better idea! I also made a linen one and mum even made herself one.
I would like a few tips on how to carry him in it. I usually just pop him in. Different directions depending on if hes awake or wants to sleep or snuggle. I don't really know the "correct" way to carry him in it.. so let me know if you have any tips for me?? 
There you have it. My Baby sling.. What a great gift hey, you HAVE to make one!! If not for yourself, definitely for a sister or friend. xx


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Quilt for Kobe

In the weeks leading up to Kobe's arrival... I spent hours and hours sewing. Remember i wrote that huge list of baby things i wanted to make??
 Well, i can say, i finished the list!!
 I made all the little baby things i wanted to... and MORE!!!
.....with..... a little help of course!
I put my mum to work. We had soo much fun. She hadnt sewn anything for years.. But that didnt stop her. She was a machine! She had way more energy and staying power than i had. Im very grateful for her 'keep going' attitude and excitement. AND everytime i needed a rest... she would finish things off. If it wasnt for her... there is NO WAY  I would have all these nice pressies for my baby.
Thanks Mum... Your the greatest!
I had already made Kobe a quilt. The little Monsterz one. But... i dont think one is enough...Do you??
 Mum and I made blankets, baby pouches and baby bibs, baby slings, burp cloths, toys and taggy blankets, and with the leftover fabric, we decided we NEEDED another quilt! Another one to match all the new baby things..
I had fallen in love with the Robert Kaufman Solid Flannel...You can buy some HERE. I had a couple colours in my stash and had been dying to use it. Its just beautful...so super soft and snuggly.
Quite a basic design... 6" squares alternated by a pieced square. For the back I pieced my left over pieces and Straight line quilted 1/4" off the seam line.. I think that type of quilting is one of my fav.. Doesnt require any thought, marking, and its really quick and easy.  
I just love it. Normally i usually make quilts using fabrics in the same range or theme from the designer. But this time, this quilt was bits and pieces from lots of designers and i really love it. It inspired me to go to my stash and start putting different fabrics together. I'm already making another quilt for Kobe for a play mat on the floor thats a bit of everything... a mix up of ranges and designs.
 Its been nice to use fabrics from my stash and it also forces you to be a little more creative.
So,..... being as though ive been off playing babies for a little while... Whats everyone making???
I feel so out of the loop in the sewing world. I havent stalked any of my favourite blogs... I havent browsed any the online shops. I have no idea what new ranges are coming out...
Whats new and great at the moment??
 Whats everyone sewing?? Any new trends? Any great sewing books out that i just HAVE to have??
 I dont get as much time on the computer now... so if you can fill me in and keep me up to date that would be great... 
 I would LOVE to know whats coming and what to look forward to..
So, I can at least dream about new projects while im up most of the night. ;)


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