Sunday, February 26, 2012

Gotto Love Fabric...

More Fabric...?? Yep Ive been shopping again... This time from
Take a looksy!

This "Children at Play" Fat Quarter Bundle  by Sarah Jane for Michael Miller Fabrics.

My baby boy is due May 16th. In May, it will be getting cooler for us here in Australia as we head into winter... so I really wanted to find a cute boy fabric in a flannel.... This is perfect! I LOVE this range! I'm thinking of a new quilt design?? Maybe kites? or I do love the "Kites in the Clouds Quilt" that Ashley from Film in the Fridge made... so maybe something similar to that one?? or Maybe Rockets???
mmm decisions...

I couldn't go past grabbing a little of Annela Hoey's Little Apples Range with these cute turtles. Paired up with some fabric from my stash.

These cute "Get Together Navy Squirrels" By David Walker..

 My Chevron and Michael Miller Dumb Dots.... with the New "Backyard Baby" by Patty Sloniger

More Michael Miller Dumb Dot with a charm pack... Cape Ann for Oliver + S.       

 I LOVE Fabric shopping.... and believe it or not... I actually have a few baby projects finished...Ill show you soon!
and FYI....
 The Fat Quarter Shop have just launched their 5th annual Designer Mystery Block of the Month Quilt Club. This sampler quilt features 12 wonderful blocks from Moda designers such as....
 Aneela Hoey, Blackbird Designs, Bonnie & Camille, Bunny Hill Designs, Cosmo Cricket, Fig Tree Quilts, Me & My Sister Designs, Kate Spain, Minick & Simpson, Pieces from My Heart, Primitive Gatherings and Sweetwater.
 features the Vintage Modern collection by Bonnie and Camille...
Looks like Fun!!! For more info.... You can read more about it HERE 

Happy Sewing...
Oh... and...
I'm clearing out my cupboards to make some room for some new Quilts... So if you wanna buy any of these???
You can find them HERE 
Thank you!! xx

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Gorgeous Garter...a Quick How To...

For a little pressie for my sister, I wanted to make her a garter to wear on her Wedding Day. I looked around for a few tutorials and although I found a couple, they were all a bit old fashioned and nothing I really liked. Which left me on my own to figure it out.. :/

After a few trials and errors... I finally figured out just how i wanted it to look.
I wanted it to be made of tulle. I wanted the tulle to look gathered even when it was stretched out on her leg. I wanted the ribbon to not be too ruffled. I wanted diamante and a bit of bling...
So..... Here it is...
I thought i would share a quick how to.... for all of you... i know your just dying to rush to your cupboard and make one!
 I'm sorry I didn't take progress pictures. Stupidly I left it till the day before and was in a hurry... AHH...
So, to make yours...
You need
Satin ribbon 1/2"wide and I needed 50cm length (20 inches)
strip of elastic 1/4"wide
Bling Button
Tiny Diamante
Hot Glue gun

Measure around your leg/thigh where your garter will sit. Eden's was 48cm...
Cut 4 lengths of tulle around 6 inches wide and about 60 inches (150cm) long.
Lay them all on top of each other
Starting from one end... Sew a long (longest stitch length your machine will go) running stitch down the centre of the strip.
Grab one end and tie the two threads in a knot.
Pull the bobbin thread... and slowly gather your Tulle up until your happy with the gathering or until you reach your desired length.. I added 2cm onto Edens length.. so I gathered it til it was 50cm.
Take your piece of Ribbon.. Lay it down to cover the centre seam and pin in place.
Carefully sew down left and right side of ribbon (normal stitch length) as close to the edge as possible. This gives you a little tube.
Thread your elastic into the tube..under the ribbon but above the tulle.
Tighten your elastic so your garter gathers in and is stretchy.
Sew your ends together.

Trim of any excess tulle to your desired width.....and your first part is done!!
Now for decorating...
I hand sewed my diamante jewel/button into the centre...
Then using tweezers and hot glue gun, Pick up a diamante with your tweezers, touch it lightly on the hot glue and stick it on your garter...
Add as many or as little as you want.. and
Then comes the tradition of throwing the Garter... Well, finding it first!
And Shhhh Its a secret... but FYI... She kept the real one... and we got a fake one for her hubby to throw :)
It was such a great day... Love you Ede xx


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wedding Confetti - A finished Quilt

My Little Sister Eden got married on the Weekend.
She had a beautiful beach wedding and reception at my parents house.
It was so nice to be able to have the wedding at home, although.....we have been soo busy the last few weeks organising and making sure we covered every detail. I'm excited to share parts of the wedding with you soon... Beautiful Photos, Table settings, Our Candy Buffet/Dessert Table, I made her a bling tulle garter (maybe throw in a tute?? I wish i had one before i made hers!)

And.... as well as all the usual wedding plans/organising, i was behind the scenes making her a surprise wedding gift.... a Quilt! ...Of course!
Being as though it was a "Lovey" Wedding Pressie... I wanted it to have a love heart in the centre with some sort of modern design around the outside.
I had remembered Kate's cute baby quilt "Scattered Showers" she had made a little while back. Kate even has the Pattern Available for you HERE. I thought it would look perfect having scattered pieces of fabric around the outside. I was hoping it would look like a flutter of petals or confetti dropped around the outside.

I had been hoarding this great Nano Iro bundle for a couple years now just waiting for the perfect project. The fabric is a double gauze cotton cloth. Its really soft and light but can be a bit delicate painful to work with.
I pieced the back.. and Quilted it by hand and machine...Starting with a smaller heart in the centre and followed the same heart shape out to the edges.
It was such a beautiful day....
Congrats on your Marriage Josh and Ede!! I am so so happy for you... I would be even happier if you weren't packing up and moving to Canada for a few years. But i guess, time will go quick, and whenever you feel homesick you can wrap up in your Quilt and know how much I love you....
and miss you....


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sewing Lessons Learned...

Is something wrong with this picture???
I was so excited that I had finished my very first topsy turvy Wee wonderfuls doll ... I ran to show my hubby... and his first response....
"She either needs a TRIM? or a WAX!!!!"

AHHHHHHHHHHH....... so true!!!!!!!!!!... Sometimes nearly always we try and add our own little flair to a project to later find out there was a reason the original doll was supposed to have buns in her hair!
After a little thought... i decided it was a MUST to attach her pigtails to her head for fear of someone thinking the unthinkable!

Lesson Learned: Sometimes you really SHOULD follow the pattern.

#2.... Why did i choose dark brown hair?? The pattern specifically called for a light coloured wool. But no... i wanted brown didn't I... Well what do you get??

Greys!! Wiry Grey Hairs on my sweet little doll.

Lesson Learned... Stick to lighter coloured wool when making hair for your dolly.
#3.. In the Wee Wonderful Book she says to stuff the body firm. So i really did stuff her firm. I'm actually surprised the seams haven't popped! But there is a difference between firm and rock hard.
Well, mine is rock hard and now that she is made... some of the stuffing imperfections have become a little obvious!... Poor darling. She has a bad case of the double chin...

Lesson Learned.. Stuff Firm but not too much and check the visible spots, like the face for imperfections before you have finished!

Good thing our children are so little and innocent. Indi never even noticed anything wrong with her dolly.

Lucky for me... She thinks shes just perfect...... PHEW!!
I was thinking too, if i was going to make another one of these dolls, I think I would make the doll the same girl. But, one side make her sleeping... and the other side make her awake?? The awake dolly can have play clothes and the sleeping dolly have PJ's?? .......maybe one day!

Its funny how we venture out and make something totally new every once in a while. Come to think of it... We really learn little sewing lessons with each project we make. My first quilt is full of em!! Mistakes that is and I'm still learning..... You would think after making this little sunshine I would stick to quilts...??
Nah.. I'm off to tackle an Amy Butler bag next. I have NEVER made a bag before... so wish me luck!!



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