Friday, October 25, 2013

New Quilt Pattern "French Connection" for Bloggers Quilt Festival!!!

Hello Everyone!!!! I know its been a while since i jumped on to blog. Well, a little more than a while... but i am alive and well, AND surrounded by kids!! My little Kobe baby No. 4 is keeping me on my toes. He is now 18 months! He doesn't sit still much, doesn't sleep well and i cant train him to watch TV, sooooo i don't get a whole lot of time for sewing these days or BLOGGING!!!! But i do get to keep in touch with blogland a nights once the kiddies are in bed.
I cant believe that it is Bloggers Quilt festival again!! And I'm excited to be apart of it. Thank you Amy for all you do!!
Here's my offering for the festival. 
"French Connection"
I have had this quilt on my to do list for a while and when the editor of Homespun gave me a nudge, to get a project done for the October edition of the Magazine... i dusted off the machine and whipped up this little number!!
You know me,..... I really like my curves! Ive seen this design/print around alot and have been dying to make it into a quilt.....I was really happy with how it turned out...
What do you think??
Because i LOVE the Bloggers Quilt Festival so much,
 i have pattern for sale......

You can buy it from HERE

The pattern will only be available for one week only...... For the first week of the festival.... and then it wont be able to be available again for a few months..(Magazine rules)
You can also buy a copy of the Australian Homespun Magazine in your local newsagent
 Here's a copy of the October cover so you wont miss it!! They also have some great children's patterns in this month!
Thanks for stopping by.......
I hope you enjoy the rest of the Festival....
i know i will.......
Have fun.... Happy reading!!! xx


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