Thursday, March 22, 2012

19-21st March, Chase's Anniversary

I sat here yesterday all day with this blog post open....
I wrote then deleted, wrote then deleted, wrote more then deleted again.... I was at a loss on what exactly i wanted to say... So i wrote nothing.... and after thinking about it today, I have decided to just share a couple pictures with you....
These past few days have been the birthday and anniversary of my sweet baby Chase dying. The last few days have been difficult. In fact... the whole month of March has been difficult. 
Most of you will know that On the 21st March 2010 my son passed away. My Quilting addiction and blog started because i needed an escape to help me get through each long day.  Each day is difficult. And as time goes by I keep thinking it will get easier. 
 Some days it does, i feel like i will survive and that although i desperately miss my little boy.. i have so many things to be grateful for and live for.

Our family zoo trip for Chase's Birthday... and my 32 week preg belly.
But then there are days where I often sit and wonder if i will survive... Why does it hurt so much. Why the death of a loved one is so difficult to deal with. Especially the death of your child. Why it affects every part of you. Why it changes you.  
Chase was only 2 days old when he died...

We were eagerly awaiting a new little baby to come into our family.. only to have to say goodbye to him much too soon. For those of you who have lost a child, know the incredible pain that becomes apart of you. Part of your daily struggle, part of the new and different you.
So, Last year with the anniversary approaching, we decided to go on a family holiday so that we would all be away together and help ease the anxiety...
This year we spent the weekend together.
We went to the zoo..

We had fun watching the animals...
And on the Sunday we went to visit his grave...
We're really lucky in the fact that 30 years ago my grandpa purchased a whole section of plots together. Chase is buried next to my grandma and grandpa and uncle Jordy. Its a section in the cemetery that we can plant plants in and tend to it instead of just a little plot all on his own... It was nice to go this year and have the Tibouchina tree that I planted for his birthday last year flowering and thriving...
Chase's Grave... Hopefully over these coming weeks i can work up the courage to call and organise his headstone. This has been one of the most difficult things for me... 
I really miss him, but I am grateful for the knowledge and comfort i get from my beliefs. That one day we will be together again. That we are sealed together and will be a forever family..

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New Quilt and Quilt Pattern- Trinket Box

The lovely Catherine, Editor of the Australian Homespun, approached me last year to design and write a new pattern for her magazine.. I had had this one floating around in my head and figured it was about time  got my act together and wrote another pattern. You can grab yourself a copy of my new pattern Trinket Box in this months Australian Homespun Magazine No. 106  Vol 13  No. 3
For those of you who aren't able to grab a copy.. this pattern will be available in my shop in about 8 weeks time... 
This was a fun project and i was all ready to whip it up... when I fell pregnant and as you all know.. slipped into a time warp. I couldn't even raise my head to email or blog... so sewing was definitely out of the question. A good friend of mine... Leanne came to the rescue and offered to sew up this little baby for me... so i could still make my deadline and get it into the mag.. Leanne your an angel!!
This quilt measures 60 1/2" x 60 1/2". 
 Its made using 16 Fat Quarters from Joel Dewberry's Heirloom range. The background fabric is Patricia Bravo's light cream and green paisley print.
 I haven't had a chance to photograph it yet... Its still with the Homespun team travelling to a few craft shows.. So if you happen to see it.. take a picture for me! I'll share some better pics and details of the Quilt once i can get my hands back on it.  I can't wait to show you details of the Quilting....
Leanne professionally machine quilted it for me. She has some great close ups you can see HERE on her blog.
 Now that I've moved house and a little tight on space.. I've decided to list this quilt for sale  in my Etsy shop when it comes back to me... Let me know if your interested in purchasing it and ill keep you posted when it goes on sale. 
Oh, and If you are lucky enough to get your hands on this Easter issue... You will also find this great project. A Garment Bag! Ive been wanting to make one for ages just hadn't quite found the perfect pattern. This one looks like it could be a winner!!  Gorgeous hey! 
So much to Sew... So little time xx


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Baby Sewing - Baby Sleeping Bag

We have had a busy week here at our house. We moved..... Yes Moved house!! SO, the last few weeks have been spent packing and sorting, and sorting and packing... and...I am pleased to say that we are in! All settled and unpacked and looking forward to our new adventure here. 
Amongst all the stress of moving house, I did manage to get a little baby sewing done....
This Baby Sleeping Bag/Snuggler.
It was one of the things on my To Do List, that i can now tick off!
 This snuggler was really fun to make. All up, it took a couple hours, and i def have plans to make a couple more. This project was actually the main reason i bought this book.
Simple Sewing for Baby
 by Lotta Jansdotter.
 She has lots of cute patterns and ideas 24 to be exact, and very good for a beginner sewer. I have had this book for a couple years and glad i finally got around to putting it to use!
The pattern asks for 1 Yard of Medium Weight Cotton and 1 yard of Micro Fleece. I used regular Quilting Cotton, Zoology by Michael Miller and a charcoal Polar Fleece. I am really pleased with the thickness and weight and love how it turned out. Its not too thin, and not too thick. I think it will be the perfect weight to wrap a baby for winter.
 The hardest part about the pattern was figuring out where to position the Velcro.
 But you pretty much sew the whole thing... and position the Velcro at the very end. So you can see exactly where it needs to go.
Then the left side wraps over and Velcros in place at the centre..

and the right side folds over the left and holds your baby snug. The Velcro strips are quite generous so it would fit any size baby and prob last (I'm hoping) a couple months... 
Pretty cute hey! I recon you could also make it with Quilting cotton both sides with batting in the middle. OR... If your having a summer baby.. Maybe Quilting cotton with just a flannel, so its not so hot? I might give that a go and see how it works out.
Wanna make one??
For us Aussies you can purchase it HERE
 and for you Amazon lovers.. You can find it HERE..


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