Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Gorgeous Boy Fabric...

Have you seen this gorgeous BOY range??
It is so hard to find fabric to suit BOYS... You can often find a soft baby blue fabric with Teddy bears printed on it... but other than that there isn't much in the way of cute fabric for toddlers and growing boys. However,  Little Monsters is just that!!
It is 100% cotton. It is an Australian designed range created to fill this empty void for boys. The lovely Kathryn from F.D Textiles sent me some to play around with. I think i will probably make a quilt... surprise surprise!! But i have seen shorts, tshirts, bags, PJ's and all sorts of cute things made using this fabric.  It's so versatile.
The Little Monsters range comes in 3 great designs in two colour ways....
I found a bunch of stores stocking this cute fabric...
Dragonfly Fabrics
Killara Village quilts
Pegs Pieces....
 but if you do a quick google search, you will find many more!!!


Thank you to all of you who offered to proof read my pattern... I couldn't possibly decide between all of you... so i went to the trusty and randomly picked 3 of you... I will send the pattern draft through to you tomorrow xxx Thank you SO MUCH!!! xx

Oh, and Don't forget.... Quilt Class 101 starts one week from today....
Tell all your friends who want to learn to Quilt!!!  We will have a BIG GIVEAWAY on the 1st Class to help kick you off and get you sewing like a crazy person!!! xx

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Proof read this Pattern......???

Is anyone interested in Proof reading this pattern??
Remember this quilt??? Well,  Ive decided to drag it of the cupboard... and finish it off.
Can you tell it has been in there a VERY long time??
As you can see i got to the basting stage... with a million pins. Then, I could never decide how i was going to quilt it. So it went in the cupboard...and i finally decided I would get it out... write the pattern... quilt the poor thing... and FINISH it off!!
I'm still a little undecided on how I should quilt it?? I'm thinking, i will just stipple the whole thing....or maybe wavy lines from left to right?? Any suggestions??
 Now that Ive nearly finished writing the pattern... I was wondering if anyone is free to read over it before i finish it off?? That would be a HUGE help!! Another set of eyes are always better than just mine. And i think if i asked my hubby... well lets just not go there, i think that's probably stretching the marriage a bit....
And as a thank you..... I could give you a free pattern when its all done?? xx 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A new Laptop Pouch

A couple weekends ago, I went to a craft show in Sydney... I am always really excited to go to these shows as they expose me to a few shops/stalls a little out of the ordinary. And this craft show was no different!!! I found this gorgeous stall Miss Rose Sister Violet...who sold the most beautiful lace, rose trims, diamonties, brooches, flowers, velvet ribbon, ...aah i was in girl heaven!! 
I bought nearly the whole shop!!... and I'm dying to go to the Darling Harbour Quilt show because she will be there again... to grab more supplies! Since my hubby had bought me a beautiful laptop for Christmas... I have been dying to make a pretty girly case... And so these bits and pieces were perfect!
I followed a great Tutorial over at Crap Ive Made, and have come to the conclusion that i WAY prefer making Quilts!! Although this tutorial was pretty straight forward...I made a few stupid mistakes! The Tutorial calls for fusible batting and as I ironed it onto the under side of the top piece, I burnt a HUGE hole through the lace and velvet ribbon. So a TIP from me.... NEVER IRON LACE! I wont be making THAT mistake twice! The rounded zipper and lining gave me a bit of grief....
But after unpicking the whole front and starting again.. i was sure to take extra care.
I lined my sleeve in my Chasing Cottons fabric that i made HERE..and the Musky Pink Linen I bought from HERE.
I'm really happy with how it turned out!!
Miss Rose Sister Violet have a blog they started HERE and they will be starting an online shop at the end of the year.. but you can still purchase bits and pieces if you contact them. I'm working with her to try and source some of these products for you... to make it easier for you to get some... Email me if your after anything in particular...
My Sewing Room is turning a little Vintage Glam... So I've decided to add a few other pieces i bought... to make a Sewing Machine cover, that will look a little like this..
and I will show you the rest of the bits i bought from the show...soon xx
Thank you for all of your Lovely comments from last post. They were all really heartfelt, they meant a lot and gave me a lot of comfort and strength......Thank you xx

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Exaltation Assured

Its been a little over 9 months since i started this blog.. I have tried to keep it mostly about Sewing and Quilting. Ive tried to keep it positive and uplifting.. It has been a great distraction and an escape for me.  Sewing and blogging have helped keep me positive and have given me something interesting to think about. It has helped keep me busy and It has helped heal my breaking heart. But today, i decided I wanted to share a little about my real life... life away from sewing and blogs. I wanted to tell you a little about my sweet baby Chase.
 Chase Merrill Johnson was born 19th March 2010.... 12 months ago today. Straight after he was born the doctors noticed he wasn't breathing properly...after tests and xrays, we realised that his lungs hadn't developed fully. After more tests, medicines, doctors and specialists trying everything they possibly could, eventually 39 hours later his little body couldn't fight any longer and he passed away.
It has been so difficult every day, living without him. Its amazing the amount of love you have for your children and the pain that's caused when they're gone. The little things in life like getting out of bed become a challenge. Your whole world stops.. but yet at the same time, continues on around you. So, 12 months have passed.
And Today for the anniversary, we spent most of the day down at the grave. We are lucky that my Grandpa thought ahead and bought 20 grave plots together... So my baby gets to be with my Grandma, Grandpa and uncle Jordy, and over time...the rest of our relatives and family can be buried there. Its not like other graves, it still has headstones, but they're planted in a garden. A garden that i can look after, plant plants and make it nice. So today, in the pouring rain........
 we had a picnic, planted plants, weeded, and  mulched. I actually enjoyed the rain...It made me feel like heaven was crying too.
I saw a saying recently, Sewing Heals the Soul. And for me this is so true. Sewing has helped heal me. Has kept me busy, focusing on something different and kept my mind active. I really think it has helped get me through...
I am so grateful to be surrounded by loving family and friends. They have been an amazing source of comfort and strength. I have also found so much comfort in the knowledge I have that families can be together forever, that there is a plan, that after we die we will live with our families and our lost ones again. That one day, i can be re-united with my son Chase. A close friend of ours wrote us a poem a few days after he passed away, and it has brought us so much peace.

Exaltation Assured

A baby, like many before,
Innocent and perfect in youth
Sojourned here, for a moment,
His spirit, had accepted the truth

A warrior from pre existence
Fought for Jesus for truth and for right,
His valour again was so needed
He returned, to teach God’s clear light

The light of truth, to so many
To spirits, in prison kept,
He teaches again among them,
For those, who have long time slept

So difficult was his decision
As he faced his Father above
A choice to love earthly parents
Or return, and for Him, spread love

He knows of his mothers’ yearning
So thankful for fathers strength
Born under the holy covenant
Will be with them again, at length

His parents moved by the spirit
Understanding the Gospel so true
And sealed by the spirit of promise
In faith, they do all they must do

For they know that their God and Father
Knows sorrow, for deep sacrifice
Willingly they kneel at the alter
And trust, broken hearts will suffice

Embracing they stand now united
By their side, Unseen, is their son
A warrior, behind brother and sister
This family, in spirit is one

One in the knowledge, God loves them
Aching hearts, He truly does mend
And Jesus, His promise unbroken
For each, His heart He did rend

From the depths of despair now arise
Dry your tears like the sun dries the rain
Exaltation assured, through His covenant
Loved ones will meet once again.

      i miss you honey xx

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Quilt Class 101...

.... is coming!!!
Starts April 6th!!!
 I am constantly contacted by people locally and internationally to teach a sewing class or to give them directions or tips on how i make my quilts. I had originally decided to start a small sewing class from home.. Beginner basics... to teach friends and friends of friends some Quilting techniques. However, what i had initially planned as a small group of 5-10 women, has grown to numbers to 40-50 women who want to learn to sew. This overwhelming group has pushed me in the direction of hosting it online! AND...
 including YOU!!!!

 Quilt Class 101 that will run over a period of about 12 weeks. This class will teach you everything from the beginning with Fabrics, where to source them, what to buy, what a Fat Quarter is.. to Designing quilts, Cutting, Sewing...Basting, Quilting etc...until you have your own first quilt done.
So, for those of you that have a sewing machine tucked away and your too scared to start... Get it out... Dust it off... You can learn to sew a quilt. Step by Step...

Each week I will post a new lesson, tutorial, technique... that you can follow... from start to finish. Each lesson with be archived in the page at the top 'QUILT CLASS 101'... so they will always be there to refer back to. A one stop shop for making a quilt.
The Course Outline -
Week 1 - Fabric - Choosing fabric, fabric designers, fabric bundles, Fat Quarters, jelly Rolls etc, Where to buy fabric locally or online overseas, shipping costs.. My favourite online shops etc.
Week 2 - Design - 'Sew as you go' OR the Designer - Using a graph book and planning, no rules.. Books/ blogs/ flickr... all the online sources or inspiration..
Week 3 - Cutting - Tools I use, how to cut your material properly, to wash or not to wash, incorporating seam allowances etc.
Week 4 - Sewing - Your machine, threads, needles, 1/4" foot, seam allowances, joining seams accurately, pins,
Week 5 - Constructing your Quilt Top - sections etc
Week 6 - Borders - adding borders the correct way,
Week 7 - Batting - The different types and what each one is used for..
Week 8 - Basting - how to Baste your quilt, spray? Pins? Types of pins? Tape etc..
Week 9 - Quilting by machine - Straight line Quilting, using a guide, free motion quilting, stitching in the ditch etc..
Week 10 - Quilting by hand - Cottons to use, technique, needles, hoops...
Week 11 - Binding - By machine or by hand.. or both.
Week 12 - Quilt block techniques.... This last tutorial will prob run over another 6 week period where i will teach the basics to make various traditional and modern quilt blocks. Sewing curves, 9 Patch, Stars and diamonds, Stack and Slash, Raw edge applique, Needle turn applique, paper piecing, log cabin, spider block, etc...
Sound fun??
Now, for those of you that are experienced quilters.... or experienced in one way or another... I want YOU to get involved too!!! I want you to be able to share all your tips and tricks with us!!

Here's How..... Write your own tutorials on any of these areas that you choose...You can either email me your tutorial and perhaps i can post it into one of the main tutorials that week. OR, there will be a linky at the bottom of each week that you can link up your tutorial from your site!!

Perhaps you have a certain way you choose and buy your fabric, maybe you always baste a certain way, is there a certain technique you love???..... Please share it with us.
I will have a main tutorial each week. In that tutorial, it will  include links to you and your own uploaded links at the bottom of each post that all the readers can come to you and learn from you. My tutorials will be MY way of doing things... But MY way isn't certainly the RIGHT way... just the way i do things. YOUR way might suit one reader or another better. With each week we will have a culmination of everything related. For eg Hand Quilting... the readers can jump from one blog to another and get all the info they can on Hand Quilting... and they can work out which way works best for THEM!!!
Wanna join in??

Check out my new list of my Favourite Fabric shops on my side bar... These lovely ladies are sponsoring Quilt Class 101... for us!! Over the 3 month period there will be TONS of GIVEAWAYS....HEAPS of FREE Fabric! LOTS of fabric vouchers...

So, Bookmark April 6th in your calendar... the First Class starts then and will run every WEDNESDAY each week. xx
Help promote this class and show that you are getting involved...

Chasing Cottons

If you have any Questions or Suggestions to help make this class great, contact me HERE... I cant wait to start reading ideas and tutorials from you...!!! xx

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Have you seen "THIS" gorgeous fabric??

The lovely Pat Bravo has done it again!!...

This latest release... Bazaar Style is a Moroccan Line with accents in fashion....

The lovely team at Art gallery Fabrics sent me her latest collection and I'm dying to get started...This will soon be my next Quilt Pattern for you!! Bit of curves, bit of squares...I Cant Wait!! I couldn't help resist but to team it up with her exquisite blenders line Lace Elements..

The colours are so rich, and feminine.  You have to go get some!! Pat has a fantastic site where you can find heaps of  Tutorials, Free projects, and Inspiration. You can find her fabric in so many stockists.... I found some for you and here.

In a couple days I will tell you ALL ABOUT Quilt Class 101...

But for now i will tell you,  It will be full of step by step tutorials. The basics- to making a quilt from start to finish ALL IN ONE PLACE!!! It will run over a period of 12 weeks. It will also feature some of our favourite bloggers. I want YOU to link up your tutorials! It is sponsored by The Fat Quarter shop, Hawthorne Threads, Pink Chalk, Fabricworm, Crafty girls Workshop, Oz Material Girls, Saffron Craig and more.... There will be TONS of Giveaways!! Heaps of vouchers and free fabric.... Is that enough of a plug???...

xx I Cant Wait!! xx

Friday, March 11, 2011

Quilt Patterns And exciting News!!

Wanna win some Quilt Patterns ?
Yes??.... well head on over to Lily's Quilts...

She is hosting a great Giveaway of Chasing Cottons Quilt Patterns... 4 Winners... 2 Patterns Each!! There is just a couple days left so hurry over!!

Plus, If you purchase a Chasing Cottons Quilt Pattern and email me the code Lily Quilts before the giveaway closes...... I will email you another pattern for FREE!!...

Now for the EXCITING NEWS.....

Wanna participate in Quilt Class 101???...

I will have more details in a couple days... It is turning out to be HUGE!!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Working/ a whole lot of FUN Holiday!!

My Mum, Dad and little sister Jordy have up and left me.... for an exciting work play.... Holiday!!
They have escaped the hot Aussie weather and have landed in the icy cold -20 degree temperatures.... in Canada!
Im am so jealous... on soo many levels!! The snow! The holiday! The skiing! The mountains!....but i think mostly......dare i say it.....the FABRIC STORES!!!!
I couldn't let them leave without a little pressie....Mum couldn't squeeze her quilt into her 20kg bag.... so i thought she might be able to squeeze in a little Laundry bag!...
I used left over scraps from her shell quilt... and HAD to add a little of her most favourite thing in the whole world.... Leopard print!!
I miss you mum....xx
and... I had to make Jordy one too.... match her luggage, Of Course!
I miss you too Jordy!! xx

Friday, March 4, 2011

The Quilt for Tanner... almost done!!
Quilting!!!  xx

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I just cant go past a little COLOUR!!
One night while browsing the net... i decided to hop over to the Anna Maria Horner Shop... and see what shes been cooking up... AND its alot more than just fabric!!
Books, Sewing Patterns, Kitchen supplies, Comforts, Pillows, Rugs, Paper goods....I couldn't resist! I bought a few Tea Towels...
A half Yard stack of her collection of Solids..
I would love one of her Amazing Rugs for my sewing room!! Maybe one day!....
I also couldn't resist this new fabric line Metro Living Circles.... I bought mine HERE..
More to add to my Stash! xx


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