Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Birds Of Paradise

I know its inexcusable in blog land to let a WHOLE week go by without a new post or comment.... but i know you'll understand. Sometimes weeks fly by, and some, you just barely make it through... however.... this last week for me was a little of both.... GOOD NEWS though...my machine did get a bit of use... I have a new quilt top to show you!! 

My new Quilt is called 'Birds of Paradise' (thanks mum!) made with the beautiful Japanese fabrics... the Echino range. I bought my fabric from Kelani at the Sydney Darling Harbour Quilt show..

..but you can also buy it from Hawthorne threads and Fabricworm...and I'm sure many others fabric stores stock it....but they are a couple of my favourites.

The fabric is a cotton?linen blend... kinda like the Heather Ross FFA2 collection. I matched it up with some Kona Cottons.....Glacier, Cerise, Berry, Mulberry and the cream ( with the sun setting behind me, the cream does look a little pink in photo) but it is Kona Cotton Ivory.

This Quilt Pattern 'Bird Of Paradise' will also soon be available as a downloadable pattern and as a paper pattern or download from my lovely stockists!! When I have it all finished and quilted, Ill also have another giveaway!! xx

My little Indi was my helper... she looks just thrilled doesn't she!!

I am struggling now though.... How should I Quilt it??? Any suggestions??? Please I need all the advice you have got. I have a beautiful Egyptian cotton thread for hand quilting.... You can see it in last post...but I'm unsure where to start...straight line quilting? wavy line quilting? just stitch in the ditch?.....mmmm whats your advice?? As a little bonus, for my favourite quilting suggestion... Ill email you through this new pattern!! xx

I must say, after a busy week...I have enjoyed a bit of head space just sewing. I have a few more projects in the pipeline... so hopefully ill have a couple more to show soon. xx

Sunday, August 22, 2010

New Projects!!

I have been so busy writing the pattern 'Diamond Bouquet' for the Quilters companion Magazine. Im also in the middle of writing the pattern for 'Rolling Meadows' Quilt... Ive been busy sending out Patterns to my lovely Stockists, Replying to emails, Taking my Sand Castle quilt to the Quilters, my poor little sewing machine has had NO USE!!!! However, I have been busy buying up material for upcoming projects and i thought Id share them with you!!!

I bought this Echino fabric when I went to the Darling Harbour Craft show, from an Amazing Fabric shop Kelani . You can still buy this fabric from Fabricworm 


This Fat Quarter Bundle called Naomi Ito for Nani Iro 2010 Sampler, also came from Fabricworm  Its an amazing 100% Cotton Double Gauze. It also has beautiful bronze highlights.... It is so soft and light, I think it will make a beautiful quilt... This is the quilt that im going to sew first.......

Next is for my son. As you can guess he is absolutely OBSESSED with dirtbikes. I found this fabric panel also at Darling Harbour. I have been so busy the past couple months I havent had a chance to sew this one up for him. The poor thing he has spent many night sitting in front of the TV with just the fabric panel draped across him. So i think its probably about time I make it into a quilt!... The Backing fabric?? Well not necessarily MY choice... but if you know Tanner, He goes hunting for spiders in hope one day a spider will BITE him and he will turn into SPIDERMAN!! Not a good thing being as though we live in Australia surrounded by THE most Deadliest Spiders!!

I sourced my Kona Cottons from Fabricworm, Canton Village Quilt Works, and Fabric Depot... some of the colours were a bit tricky...but with these 3 stores I was able to get the lot!
I picked up my 'Sand Castle' Quilt from the Quilters Yesterday....and with my little sister Jordy and my little Indi... they were too quick to snap up a posing opportunity!....

Ill show you some more pics of the quilting when ive finished the binding! xxx

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see??

... I see lots of quilts looking at me!... If you have ever read the Brown Bear book you'll know what I'm talking about!!...but if not??  well,....yes I am a little crazy! For those of you who have been following...Here is my 
Book Quilt No.3. Brown Bear.

In this Cute Children's book... It starts out with the Brown Bear ...

"Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See??? I see a Red Bird Looking at Me!!"  

... and goes through the book with each different coloured animal looking at the next one. At  the end of the book and you can see them all!!.... Its just gorgeous! Its definitely a family Fav!!

It has been a favourite of my two little ones for a few years now. When they were young, they would guess what the animal was called. Then as they learnt their colours, they would excitedly yell out the colour. Then as they grew, they would try and guess what animal came next? Now, my big 5 year old READS the book to his little sister. ( they grow too fast!!)

So as you can guess, when I first saw the fabric made from the Brown Bear Book, I couldn't resist! I have had it sitting on my shelf for a very long time and finally got round to making it into a quilt. The material comes in a fabric panel of squares with the animal in the middle. I felt this quilt really lent itself to just squares. Sometimes 'just squares' can be a little plain, but i think in this quilt, it suits the fabric.

The backing fabric is definitely my Favourite!! I also used some left over scraps for the quilt top from My Very Hungry Caterpillar Quilt. I decided to straight line quilt it, 1/4" either side of the seam. I'm really please how it turned out.

A VERY eesy peesy quilt and it was a pleasure to sew. I think we need a few of these occasionally. Especially  when were tackling a difficult quilt and need a bit of head space. I think I have a thing for story books that turn into fabric bolts! Unfortunately this is the last quilt in my Book Series... but with so many great fabrics being released... Saggy Baggy Elephant, Dr Seuss...It might not be my last!  The Fat Quarter Shop   has an amazing range, more being released every month!... mmm Cant Wait!! xx 

OH and P.S. If you haven't read Brown Bear... Its a must!! Go hunt one down... you wont be disappointed!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

I still pinch myself!!

After Starting a blog only 2 short months ago and writing up my patterns.... I have found so many pinch myself moments! I sit here and think...wow, someone actually wants MY pattern?? Someone actually leaves a comment on MY blog? A Real life shop....wants to stock a pattern that I have made??....Now, An Amazing Quilting magazine wants MY quilt!!

 I sent this picture of  my quilt, to one of my Favourite Magazines....the Quilters Companion Magazine and they excitingly accepted! Another pinch!!

This Quilt...'Diamond Bouquet'......named by my husband mind you...(they are so good for that!) will be in their January Issue....with Pattern!!

It is by far the biggest quilt Ive made...measuring 96 x 96"... I just fell in love! (ha ha) ....with the Amy Butler 'LOVE' Range. I just couldn't resist!

I know most of you were waiting to see my Brown Bear Quilt... but I was too excited to tell you my news! So Brown Bear is on its way.. only a couple days.. I promise!

Another Pinch??!! The Dearest Most Lovely Kerri  Is doing A Fabulous Giveaway with some amazing designers and also giving away to a lucky winner.. My Patterns!!.... For A chance to win, Head on Over and leave a comment! For another Chance to win... Pop on over to the Amazing Heather   from Al La Mode... and leave another comment!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fun With Dick and Jane

Ok, So its been a long time coming.... Our little family has been sick with Laryngitis, we've had a close family friend pass away, and had numerous other things to attend to. The week has slipped by without another post! So, the next quilt in my Book week series... Quilt No.2 - Fun with Dick and Jane.

This is the Very Very First Fabric bundle I ever bought! I had originally bought it to make a fabric book for my kids. But as i shopped around the Craft and Quilt show a little longer... i decided to make something much much better...... a Quilt!!        

Now as this was the second Quilt I had ever made. It was a bit hit and miss.... I cut up the fabric panel and bordered it with Michael Miller Fabric. I cut 3 1/2 " Squares and Strips....Switched blocks, back and forth... and this is how it turned out!

 Machine and Hand Quilting was all very new to me... so i did a little of everything!! Its a little hard to see the quilting from the pictures... but first, I machine quilted it 'stitched in the ditch' down each of the seam lines.. Then as a decorative feature... i followed some lines from the fabric and Hand quilted in different colours 1/4" in from the edge of the pictures....

There was a little more I wanted to add to this quilt, a little applique here and there.... but Im not one for spending too long on a quilt.... The quicker the better!!

But after our sad, sick and busy week.... We are all still smiling... !!!

Next Blog Post coming,.... The third and final Book Quilt No. 3..... Brown Bear.....!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fabric Book Week!

The very first quilt show i went to 2 years ago, i was overwhelmed by the amazing fabrics that were available. It was there that this crazy obsession/addiction began. I remember the very first bundle of material i bought was the Dick and Jane series by Michael Miller. I actually bought it to make a fabric book, but then decided on something much better......a QUILT! Since then I have been drawn to Fabric that is made from Children's books. It must be my motherly instinct or something..... There is just something lovely about being snuggled up in a quilt, and reading the book of the fabric your wrapped in!!

So, for this coming week Ive decided to show you a few of the quilts ive made using fabrics from childrens books.

This fabric, is the famous and very loved " Very Hungry Caterpillar".  I was able to pick up a the panel and a few coordinating fabrics.... It took ages to complete as the fabric was constantly sold OUT!!! I thought the fabric definitely leant itself to strips...across the top, bottom and through the middle.

I cut random strips in different widths, for the side block and sew them together to make the traditional log cabin... For the centre of the log cabin block i raw edge appliqued a piece of food in the centre.

Its a little hard to see the quilting, excuse my dodgy pics.... but I machine quilted it in strips across the width and i shadow quilted it by hand around the main Caterpillar centre blocks. And a little hand quilting borders in the log cabin blocks.

I just couldn't go past this gorgeous fabric.... and had to use the multicoloured dot on the back!!

There are so many amazing fabrics popping up now from our favourite childhood classics. Saggy Baggy Elephant, i just adore the new Dr Seuss range! Over this next week ill show you a few of my other quilts Ive finished , made from storybook fabric...

Id love to showoff your quilts as well... So, If any of you have finished a quilt using book inspired fabric.... please send me an email and i can add your photo and a link to your site on my blog over this next coming week....!! I look forward to seeing all your projects!! xxx


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