Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Quilt for Elle..

I have a friend. You know, one of those really really good friends that seem to know exactly how your feeling without even speaking to you. They seem to always call at the 'right' time. They always drop in when you need them to. They always look at you.. and instead of seeing the outside you.. they see the inside you! She is always full of encouragement, love, sympathy, empathy. She has been there through the 'good' times and my really really 'sad' times. She is one in a million..I love you Ali!

So, when she had her little baby girl a few weeks ago.. I was so excited to find out she had a baby GIRL... So i could use this Mermaid fabric that I had been hoarding.
This fabric is my ultimate favourite.  I had bought it ages ago. It is a soft cotton double gauze type fabric.  I had hoarded it, because i loved it so much. So it was perfect for her.  Perfect for her sweet baby Elle.
Ali and her family are packing up over the next few weeks and moving to Arizona. So, I wanted to make this quilt with a Beachy, Ocean,  Aussie theme. I had originally thought about doing two colour curvy waves running across the quilt.. But when i laid it all out on the floor.. I changed my mind.
After my hubby put in his two cents... I went with this design. The co-ordinating fabric is from Pat Bravo's blenders line,  Nature Elements, and  Oval Elements. The designs on the fabric look almost like coral.

 I didn't want this quilt to have too much quilting. I wanted it to be able to still drape beautifully and soft enough to wrap her baby. So, with the quilting, I straight line quilted it across the quilt. 1/4" in from the seams.

Ali, I hope you and your sweet baby, like your quilt. It was an absolute pleasure to make. I hope as you both snuggle under it, it can remind you of the friends you have here, Australia and your home. We will miss you...  and..
Thank heavens for Skype!! xx


Friday, May 27, 2011


Well, I bet your all hanging out for the Winners of the Giveaway.. Thank you so much to all who entered..
I can't believe it??
1st Prize
$75 Gift Voucher from The Fat Quarter Shop
Melissa said... 14  What an amazing giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity to win!
2nd Prize
$75 Gift Voucher from The Fat Quarter Shop
Quiltjane said 6
That is an awesome giveaway. Thank you for hosting such a wonderful event. I hope it all goes to good and deserving homes.

3rd Prize
$25 Gift Certificate from Marmalade Fabrics
Sadie said.. 87
Please count me in :-) What an amazing giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win :-)

4th Prize
$25 Gift Voucher from Skye Reve Fabrics
$25 Gift Voucher from Saffron Craig
jednoiglec said... 39 
I don't think I've ever seen so huge giveaway! Big thanks to the sponsors and to you for hosting the giveaway!!!

7th Prize
Thanks so much for the giveaway! I just got my first sewing machine as a Christmas present and I am super excited to start making things both for myself and as gifts. Creative and frugal, the best of both worlds.
crazyncrafty (at) gmail (dot) com
8th Prize
Wow, what an awesome giveaway!

Congratulations to all the Winners... I am in the process of sending you all an email!! xx
Here is a little picture of a baby quilt i just made for a friend. I will show you more photo's soon xx


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Quilt Class 101 - Week 6 - Borders

It has been a very busy couple weeks in blog land.. Blogger's Quilt festival, Quilt Market highlights, Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day, The "Middle of Quilt Class Giveaway"...with 1683 Comments and counting.. (Thank Heavens for numbered comments!! P.S. the link to number your comments HERE) The Giveaway will close shortly, so if you haven't entered, you can enter HERE.So, We're back to it!! Quilt Class 101 - Week 6.
How are you all doing?? How are your QC tops coming along? If your new to the class.. You can catch up on the previous weeks HERE.
Today's Class - Borders 
It really is a personal preference whether you decide to add a border to your Quilt or not. I personally LOVE borders on Quilts. It can add the finishing touch. It can nicely frame your Quilt Top.
However, I usually follow a RULE with Borders. If I design my Quilt with a centre block or blocks, then i add a border. Like in these Quilts...             
 If my design is a horizontal design or vertical.. I Don't add a border. Like in these Quilts..
So for this QC (Quilt Class) Quilt. The design is a horizontal design. A Zig Zag from left to right, I wont add a border.

But there are many times you do add borders.. So Let me share my experience and help you avoid the catastrophes. (Yes I'm speaking from experience!)

In my Quilt patterns and I'm sure in other Quilt patterns, when it comes time to add the border, I give specific measurements to cut your border to the required length. BUT, sometimes... were not following a pattern, and we decide to add a border..
 Here's How:
Lay your Quilt on a large surface.
Measure your quilt length in three places, write down the measurements.
Add these three measurements together
Divide the total measurement by three. This will give you the average measurement and this is the length.
Measure and Cut your strip to that length (Depending on the length of your quilt, you may need to join two strips together, end to end and then measure and cut)
Pin these border strips onto either side your Quilt centre. I place a pin at the top edge and then the bottom edge and in the centre.. I then work down the strip and evenly pin it on.
Sew these side borders on.
Repeat the above steps, this time measuring across the Quilt centre, including the border you just sewed on.
Measure, add, divide, measure, cut, pin, sew.

I do have a tendency to rush this last step of making a quilt. I usually piece the whole quilt top carefully and then when it comes time to add borders, i rush it and just cut a long strip and sew it on. I have learnt the hard way when one of my quilts was professionally quilted and puckered ALOT in the border.

What happens is, If you just cut a strip and sew it on. You unknowingly add length to your quilt as you sew. Even if its only 1/2" with the first border, if you have a couple... this just multiplies.. and can be inches in the end. Have you ever laid your Quilt on the floor, and noticed its all nice and flat in the centre.. but slightly wavy on the outer edges?? That's why. You need to add your borders, the same way to piece a quilt top. Carefully measure and cut to a specific size.

I love borders... They don't always have to be a solid piece of fabric.. Pieced borders can add such a striking element to the design.This is a quilt Kate, my BFF made. I love the border with the floating blocks.

I also spent some time looking through Flickr. I found these different design ideas for borders..
1. Mary 2. Red Pepper Quilts 3. All that Patchwork 4. 2 Little Banshees 5. Silveria Feltrin 6. Red Pepper Quilts
For the linky for this class...
You can either link up a tutorial on how you add your borders,
 Link up a Quilt that you have made that has a border you like..
 It will be great to visit you and get some more ideas to border our Quilts...

Friday, May 20, 2011

Are you Ready???

*** Giveaway now closed ***
It's the 20th May..
So,.... another HUGE Giveaway...for you!!

Wanna Win??
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$75 Gift Voucher from The Fat Quarter Shop
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$25 Gift Voucher from Skye Reve Fabrics
6th Prize
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7th Prize

8th Prize
How is that??? Crazy hey!!!
To enter the Giveaway..
Leave a comment at the bottom of this post...
If your a Follower, Old or New... leave another comment.
Giveaway will close May 25th.

Now, If that's not enough for you...
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Thank you Thank You Sponsors!!
You are all so generous. These shops are amazing. I thought I would tell you a little about each of them and some new fabrics in their shops..

Visit the Fat Quarter Shop for all your quilting needs! We have a large selection of yardage, fat quarter bundles, quilt kits, patterns, notions and Block-of-the-Months. We also have super fast shipping and exceptional customer service.
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Pink Chalk Fabrics features quality natural fibers for quilting, sewing, craft projects, handbags, aprons, and more! You'll find colorful fabrics from the big names, Japanese imports, and small, boutique finds. Pink Chalk also have a great selection of Kona Cotton Solids... A 'must-have' and great for your stash. Don't forget to check out her fabric bundles and Pattern Palooza.
Check out her 8 New Fat Quarter Colour Stacks for Summer HERE

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From childhood sweethearts, to husband and wife, to business owners, Lindsay and Charlie of Hawthorne Threads have been partners nearly their whole lives. Striving to offer the freshest in fabric finds, these two love birds who love fabric offer a vast array of contemporary collections in an online shop that is at once simple and sophisticated in design. Check out the new
 Kumari Garden holiday Collection HERE

SkyeReve Fabrics is run by a freelance fashion designer who has taken up the fabric business full time. I am so inspired by fabric and hope that it inspires others as well. I take pride in my fun and well put together bundles. I have a particular fondness for pretty shabby chic fabrics, but love all kinds, including bright and fun prints and children's prints as well. I love picking out fabrics from all different companies and offering a great variety. Check out the new Hullabaloo HERE and if you purchase this bundle from her shop use the code CHASING to get 10% OFF!!

Wrapped in Fabric is a South Australian based business in a semi-rural district sending discount designer fabrics and patterns Australia wide!
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With a huge focus on fun and children you are bound to find something you love. Buy the
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Thank you AGAIN to all the Sponsors...
and if your visiting from Sew Mama Sew, You might be interested in Quilt Class 101. Its a free online class that will teach you how to make a quilt from start to finish. AND if you already know how to quilt?? You can Link up each week and share your tips with us!
Thanks for stopping by. 
Don't forget to leave your comments to enter the Giveaway!!!
Winners will be drawn Randomly on Wednesday the 26th May xxx
Good Luck!



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