Thursday, June 24, 2010

Perfect Time to Start!

After much deliberating, nervous tension, nightmares, anxious sweats.......Ive decided to start a blog! Afterall, Quilting is what i LIVE for (oh,.... and of course my hubby and kids!!!)

 Ive decided to join the blog world and jump on the quilting revolution and put myself out there to be scrutinised by my fellow quilters. I have been a silent stalker for months now of many of the sites I love. 
Just to name a few!!

As you know, the first blog is always the scariest... so i have been waiting and looking for the perfect time to start. When the postman showed up on my door this morning with a little package for me....

I thought.... Theres no better time to start!! Than with a nice fresh Fat Quarter bundle of Heather Ross' Far Far Away 2 Collection!! (from Pink Chalk Fabrics )

mmmmm............ now for a design??..    Well, bear with me as i learn my way around blog setup and I hope to bring you many happy blogs, Give Aways, Competitions, Tutorials, Quilt patterns and projects.

So keep watch............xx

Phew!! First one down.........Trillions to go!!


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