Friday, January 28, 2011

Birthday Cakes

This week, my son Tanner celebrated his 6th birthday.
My hubby and i have a little tradition of nearly pulling an all nighter... the night before the party!
 Together we make the birthday cakes. We were talking this time that, for Indi's next birthday, we would have made 10 birthday cakes together!! I make the cake... Being the 'Designer' he comes up with the design... I, ice the cake - while he precisely cuts the 'foundation' pieces..and together we decorate. Over the years we have had a few fun ones...
Giraffe - If your wondering..
TMNT - Leo 
Spider man
Poor Indi, I couldn't find many of hers - She must have the 2nd child syndrome... (no where near as many pictures!!) This is hers last year
We have had a couple over the years that haven't turned out all that great. I tried to make a 3D cupcake for her 1st birthday that looked a little more like an Easter egg gone wrong... Then a butterfly..not sure where those pictures ended up! Tan had a 3D truck that was 'all' out of proportion (guess Trav didn't help me much on that one!!)
So this year... would be nothing but a Super cross Dirt bike Track (with the must have sponsors)
If you have been reading my blog over the last few months you may remember he is obsessed with dirt bikes, scooters, BMX bikes and all things 'cool'!! Starts early!!
So for this year, we had his birthday at a local bike track.. All the kids bring their bikes and ride the track.. They see who can jump the highest, go the fastest...mind you, they all  range in age from 3-6 so they ALL jump the highest, and they ALL go the fastest!!!
We had a fun day.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

$99,089 and a winner.

Can you believe it??

I am utterly speechless. Im am overwhelmed with gratitude and love.

Thank you Toni and Carly for your incredible efforts and hard work. Thank you... to all of you in Blog land who donated your handmade gifts and crafts, Thank you to each and everyone of you who placed a bid, won an auction, or entered a raffle...

Now, for my lucky winner...

Sorry about the dodgy Image...

craftonmymind said...

count me in! No. 3234376

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I was Featured...

.... on.....

Amy's Creative Side

Pop over and read more HERE
Thank you Amy!! xx

****Auctions for QLD Flood Appeal Close tomorrow Monday 24th Jan at 9pm. You can see the Master list HERE and you can still enter my Raffle closing Wednesday 26th Jan HERE...****

We really thank you for your donations and support. xxx

Friday, January 21, 2011

Exciting NEWS!!

***RAFFLE ***
***Sherbet Pips Fabric and Quilt Patterns for Qld Flood Appeal HERE***

I would first like to THANK EVERYONE who has bid on auctions, or bought raffle tickets from blogs across the world!! We have over 240 blogs participating and each donation whether big or small counts!! We so far have raised over $45 000. That's HUGE!! So thank you!! thank you... to everyone!!

Toni has wisely asked that the Raffles for the Qld flood appeal remain open til WEDNESDAY 26th January 12 Midday. This will allow all of those people who may have been outbid on other auctions to buy raffle tickets... Toni will have a list of all the Raffles taking place on her blog, on TUES 25th January...and you can browse through the list and see all the amazing items people have to win. You can enter my Raffle HERE

Now, for my other exciting news...

 i received a package a couple days ago... the Latest Quilters Companion Magazine Issue No. 47.... with my Quilt in it!!!

Very exciting!! My first magazine! 

It has my Diamond Bouquet Pattern... step by step instructions, lovely diagrams (thanks to you honey!)

and........My name in Print!!!

.......It's not exactly flashing lights on Broadway, like (in a former life) one may have hoped?? But I'm Stoked! A nice way to begin the year!!

AND.....Thank you for your kind emails and msgs regarding our move!! We have had a really busy couple weeks. We thankfully sold our house... We have moved into another, were all settled and we even like this new one better than the last!! Esp me!! It may have something to do with the fact i have a lovely new sewing room... it's been fun putting together... I'll show you some pictures soon...

Oh, and in the hustle and bustle...  a quick snapshot of a new little Sherbet Pips project.. for a girlfriend and her sweet new baby girl. Congratulations Hayley...xx

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sherbet Pips and 4 Chasing Cottons Quilt Patterns

Many of you may have heard about the horrible devastation that has hit poor QLD. The lovely Toni was so quick to respond and has organised a fun way we can all help out. On Toni's blog you will find a Master List of ALL blogs participating in this wonderful cause. There are some absolutely amazing auctions and raffles happening this week 17th - 24th Jan, so hopefully we will all be able to help raise money for all those in need.

For my Raffle - I will be offering ....
a Sherbet Pips Charm Pack

and 4 Chasing Cottons Quilt Patterns of your choice.

How to Enter:-

Donate $5 AUD into the QLD Premier Flood Fund
Come back here and leave a comment with your name, receipt number and email so i can contact you if you win.
You can enter as many times as you like. For each $5 amount...leave a separate comment.
International entries welcome!
I will randomly draw the winner ( on Monday the 24th Jan. 
The Raffle will remain open til Midday Wednesday the 26th Jan

Quilt Patterns Available -

Curlicue Crush

Eden's Garden

Sand Castles

Rolling Meadows

Diamond Bouquet

Star Jewels

Thank you so so much for your generosity!! Remember every little amount counts!! Make sure you pop back here on the 26th...we will announce the total money raised from all the blogs combined!! Thanks Toni!! xxx

Friday, January 14, 2011

Flood Relief

Hi, this is Kate. Becky is currently up to her ears in boxes as she's moving house and can't get to the internet. She asked me to let you know that she's participating in the Queensland Flood Appeal Auctions that Toni is organising over at Make it Perfect, and all of the details will be posted on Monday.


You can find more information about the auctions by clicking on the button above. A master list of all auctions will be posted there on Sunday. There's still time to host an Auction of your own but you'll need to contact Toni by the end of the day (Friday) to be included on the master list.

It's wonderful to see so many getting involved!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

You have got to be in win it!!!...and i DID!

How many giveaways do we enter...and never win?? Well, i must be the most unluckiest person ever! I have never won a single thing, no raffles, lucky door prizes, i don't i guess that cuts down my chances....
... a few weeks ago my luck changed! I WON!! and not only a little Giveaway...i won BIG!!
The most lovely Jennie from Posie patchwork..hosted a giveaway ... I had totally forgotten i had even entered..i tend to do that....and she contacted me with the good news....actually GREAT news!!
Here's what i won...
 The NEW amazing Handmade living book, gorgeous bundles of fabric, some Japanese fabrics, amazing hand printed fabrics,
a handmade sewing cute!
plus a couple of charm packs...buttons, a clip.. HEAPS of stuff!! 
I am so excited!!!
 Let me tell you about this book....You can read all about it HERE but basically it is known as a Designers Collective. It all started with Julie Nichols, she had a vision of a "Market" shop open 6 days a week...this turned into a real shop owned by Julie and Rachel Evagalou called Handmade Canberra. Its located in Canberra Australia...(I'm dying to go!!) Designers from all over Australia sell their handmade crafts in their shop. Tania McCartney (author of a few other books) had a similar vision, like Julie and Rachel's shop, to create a book...One full of all things handmade....So together, in Dec it was released..and has been a HUGE hit!!
The book - Handmade living: a designer collective is a collection of incredible projects, ideas and inspiration from handmade designers all over Australia. 
It is just amazing. There are over 70 patterns. The book is divided into groups, Nest, Cloth, Adorn, Little, Indulge...etc.
Its jam packed full of inspiration and projects. There are so many beautiful things...i cant put it down. I feel like I'm walking through the most amazing market surrounded by gorgeous gifts to buy.... and this book goes one better..... gorgeous gifts I can MAKE!....and  i just cant wait!
It also contains web page and blog address of these talented designers...which i love!! I just love finding new blogs and browsing through, reading all about them and their different crafts.
These gorgeous fabric fortune cookies are definitely on my to do list... along with this cute travel pillow. Nearly every page has a different pattern.
You can read HERE what other people are saying about this book.
You can pop on over and purchase or order a copy of Handmade Living for yourself HERE. You will also find projects from Posie herself! Posie also has a fantastic shop full of vintage, reproduction and retro fabrics. She creates handmade patchwork quilts, totes and other gorgeous accessories. Oh Posie, i cant thank you enough...

Did i win!! or did i WIN!! xx
 oh and P.S....does anyone know what these pegs are actually used for??? ( you can tell I'm not trained in the field of sewing!!)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Latest Quilt finished- 2010

Like most of you... i ABSOLUTELY LOVE Christmas!! 
It is definately one of my most favourite things. 
I love the Christmas Spirit in our home, i love cooking, making things with the kids, delivering pressies, i LOVE Christmas shopping, i love getting together, i love the food, the carols, decorating and Christmas lights. I think i got my insane obsession from my mum. We have always had the most amazing Christmas' growing up. So, when i caught the end of this range from the Fat Quarter shop midnight one night, i jumped on the computer and ordered the last of it. Its the Jim Shore Christmas fabric, you can still buy some HERE.
However, by this time of year, i am really ready to put all the decorations away.... 
but i promised i would show you a few pics of this latest Quilt. 
I was a bit under the gun for this quilt. I had showed mum the fabric i had bought and promised her a Christmas Quilt... with a million other things that happen in Dec..this got left to the last minute. I literally made this quilt in a bout 3 days!
This quilt isn't like most of my regular quilts. But there is something about Christmas, that i feel you just need a real 'Traditional' style quilt. Mums house is full of Jim Shore figures, Snowmen, Nativities, Angels, i used one of the Wise men, as the inspiration for the design of this Quilt.
It took a little planning and basically wrote myself a whole pattern before i could begin cutting as i only had a set amount and this quilt took up nearly every fat quarter with nothing to spare.
For this quilt i chose to stipple the WHOLE thing!!! It took a little longer than expected but i feel was well worth the effort. It gives it a soft traditional crinkly feel.
I have thought about writing up the pattern?? Is anyone interested?? The fabric is a little spacific with the Santa's for the other blocks...?? But then again it would leave room for your own inspiration.
We're hoping next year to head off to Canada for a white Christmas?? But for this year...we had lots of fun in the sun!
I hope you had a great Christmas...and i want to wish you all a Happy New Year!! 
I really thank you for all of your comments of encouragement and support over these last 6 months since i started this blog. They have been a HUGE source of strength for me. I have had a horrible year. It makes me teary to look back and think about all that we have been through. But i'm hoping 2011 is better. We sadly sold our family home, but have found another nice home close by. We are moving next week, it will be fun to set up a new house...with a SEWING ROOM!!  I have lots of big plans for 2011....Family, getting oragnised, lots of ideas for new quilts and i am excited to share them all with you. Quilting and blogging have been a huge escape and i really appreciate your comments and look forward to a New Year and what it will bring. xxx 


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