Friday, January 28, 2011

Birthday Cakes

This week, my son Tanner celebrated his 6th birthday.
My hubby and i have a little tradition of nearly pulling an all nighter... the night before the party!
 Together we make the birthday cakes. We were talking this time that, for Indi's next birthday, we would have made 10 birthday cakes together!! I make the cake... Being the 'Designer' he comes up with the design... I, ice the cake - while he precisely cuts the 'foundation' pieces..and together we decorate. Over the years we have had a few fun ones...
Giraffe - If your wondering..
TMNT - Leo 
Spider man
Poor Indi, I couldn't find many of hers - She must have the 2nd child syndrome... (no where near as many pictures!!) This is hers last year
We have had a couple over the years that haven't turned out all that great. I tried to make a 3D cupcake for her 1st birthday that looked a little more like an Easter egg gone wrong... Then a butterfly..not sure where those pictures ended up! Tan had a 3D truck that was 'all' out of proportion (guess Trav didn't help me much on that one!!)
So this year... would be nothing but a Super cross Dirt bike Track (with the must have sponsors)
If you have been reading my blog over the last few months you may remember he is obsessed with dirt bikes, scooters, BMX bikes and all things 'cool'!! Starts early!!
So for this year, we had his birthday at a local bike track.. All the kids bring their bikes and ride the track.. They see who can jump the highest, go the fastest...mind you, they all  range in age from 3-6 so they ALL jump the highest, and they ALL go the fastest!!!
We had a fun day.


  1. What a fun B-day idea you had!! Love the cakes--my son would favor the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle GUY!!

  2. Those cakes are great! My son would love the race track one! He keeps wanting monster truck cakes.

  3. Happy Birthday Tan! Looks like those cakes are getting more and more elaborate! Its going to be hard to beat ;)

    Nice that you make the cakes together. Todd and I have done that on a couple too and its fun xx

  4. You two are clever! They're all really good. I am useless at cake making. Decorating I'm ok, but the cake part, yeah. I always burn it.

  5. Happy B-day!!! The cakes are wonderful!!!!! If he is into bikes now just wait until he is older. The bikes just get bigger and louder. I know that is what my younger brother did and is still doing and he is in his 40's.

  6. Lucky kids! My son would flip over than Spiderman cake. Or the Ninja Turtle. Or the dirt bikes!!

  7. Great cake! Love the marshmallows ;) Your princess cake looks like it was pretty spectabulous as well!

  8. Beautiful! I love your cakes! The dirt bike one is my favorite!

    I've given up making elaborate cakes for my kids birthdays, which makes me sad because they still ask for them. It's just too much staying up all night and getting frustrated.

  9. The talent just does not end. Quilts, cakes, what's next. What beautiful memories for your family. I always remember the Humpty Dumpty cake mum made for my 5th birthday. It looked like Humtpy from play school.

  10. What fantastic cakes! And it's so nice that you make them together :)


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