Monday, November 29, 2010

Gathered Clutch

You may remember a few posts back i posted about Christmas gift ideas?? Well, it was my little sisters birthday last week and i decided to use the Gathered Clutch Tutorial to make her a Make - up Purse.

This tutorial was quick and easy to follow... This purse was made using fabric from the Amy Butler ' Love' collection.

and i decided to line it using the same red dot..

About a month ago before i found this Tutorial, I made myself a make-up purse using scraps from this quilt...

I am still in love with the Heather Ross' Roses... I even just ordered more of her Roses in cream to make a table runner for my dining table.... I love the weight and Cotton/Linen blend.

 I lined it with Kona Cottons Cerise....I do wish i had of used the Gathered Clutch tutorial for this one... In her Tutorial it shows you how to line the purse with the machine and just turn in right way out. For this one...i just made the outside and the lining separately, and put the lining inside and hand stitched around the top edge to keep it in. The machine way is MUCH easier...and quicker!

I would recommend using an interfacing...however with so many small batting scraps...I just used batting.. It gives it a really nice soft feel. You can see in the pic i just machine quilted diagonal lines... and somehow fluked them lining up!!

Hope your having fun sewing over this holiday period. If you doing your Christmas sewing and need some more fabric... you might be able to grab some more at great prices....A bunch of Stores are still having their Thanksgiving Sales....maybe for another 24 hrs.... Film in the Fridge posted a list of the stores where current sales are on at the moment... So if your quick... pop on over...Its definitely worth checking out!!

We just put our Christmas Tree up tonight, danced to Christmas Carols and our family is feeling the wonderful Christmas Spirit... I'm excited to start doing some Christmas activities and crafts with the kids! xx

Saturday, November 27, 2010

To Market.. To Market... buy a ....well, not much... but i did have an amazing time!!

My passes and a Pressie to greet me... left on my pillow from Saffron! ;)
Last Weekend i was able to pack up, leave my world behind and head off on a fantastic and much needed Girly weekend to Melbourne for the Australian Quilt Market. Kate and i jumped on a plane EARLY Saturday morning...and spent the day at the Market... where we met up with Saffron and Toni. These two women are so inspiring...i could really just sit and listen to them talk for hours.

Kate, Saffron and Me
Kate, Toni and Me
.....and we did!! The four of us had a great time hitting the Melbourne restaurant scene...and stayed up til 3am in the hotel chatting chatting and more chatting.. I miss you girls already!! When is our next catch up..??

The Market was fun.. seeing all the latest fabric being released... however, spending so much time on the Internet and Quilting blogs...i think Kate and I knew more about the latest fabric than the distributors!! 

Here's a few i saw at the show that i hadn't come across yet....from Kokka...

Being as though i have ventured into the world of doll making... i did purchase some felted wool for case one day i might need it if i ever want to make another can buy some here

I miss you guys...I am so lucky to have 'real life' friends to talk to all about Quilting and Sewing and Fabric non stop!!...Who share the same passion with me. My hubby only indulges me so far..then his eyes glaze over and well, i know its then time to stop!!

Speaking of Girly Weekends...for those of you in Australia, have you heard about..and are you going to this??? A Sew it together... Weekend. Held in Sydney next march 2011... It sounds like a fun event... some of the Sponsors  so far include.. Retro Mummy, Material Obsession, Pink Chalk Fabrics, Hawthorne Threads, Ric Rac, Inner green and ME!! YES me!!... For every one who attends this event will receive a 'goody bag' full of great stuff...and each goodie bag will have one of my patterns in it!! I am so thrilled to be able to Sponsor such a great event. I am loving this whole 'handmade movement' going on here in Australia at the moment. So young and fresh and different! Pop on over and check it out!! Looks like it will be alot of fun! xx

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Christmas Quilt - Jim Shore

One night late, after blogging (of course)... about 1230am, I climbed into bed. I quickly checked my emails...and i had just received a Newsletter from the Fat Quarter Shop..30% off Jim Shore Christmas fabric....AHHHHH How did i miss the release of this!!

I don't know about you... but i am a HUGE Jim Shore fan! I absolutely LOVE his decorations... and there is only one person that probably loves them more than me...My MUM! So, when i saw this new line of his fabric released and nearly gone... i grabbed 2 Fat Quarter Bundles, 2 Santa Panels, and about 12 Yards of his co-ordinating fabric....

Enough to make 2 Christmas Quilts... one for me...and one for my MUM for Chrissy! I was so excited to be able to grab the last of it...  However, my hubby didn't quite share my excitement at 1am!
I'm going to start on my mums quilt first.
For the design for her quilt...I'm taking inspiration from the Quilt Pattern on the coat of one of the Wise men figures...

Ive decided I'm going to sew my quilt in blocks....5 Rows down, 4 blocks across. I'm going to alternate this star block with a plain block... This plain block will feature the big round Santa's cut from off the can see a few of them in this pic...

I will add a pieced border of some sort..... and maybe use these star blocks again in the corners.

I have a few different collections of Jim Shore Decorations... Santa's, A gorgeous Nativity, Snowmen...I remember a few years back when i had a few decorations...I jumped on the Internet and i searched high and low....for fabric i could use to make a Jim Shore Christmas Quilt. There was nothing then....but i am so happy there is now. You can see Jim's complete range of Figurines and fabric from his shop HERE.

How are YOUR Christmas Gifts coming along???...

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wee Wonderfuls - Mermaiden Party!!

Friday night + 5 Girls + 1 sewing machine + Fabric + Hillary Lang's new book,Wee Wonderfuls + Pizza, Chocolate, Cake and Ice cream =
Mermaiden Party!! 

From Left to Right.... Mine, Kate's, Sierras, Kaila's, Jordy's, Kaila's...
 My cousin Kate, recently was sent Hillary Lang's New Book.... Wee Wonderfuls. I have NEVER been interested in doll making before... but that all changed after a brief look through Hillary's Book..

There are so so many gorgeous little dolls to make...
And what better way to spend a rainy Friday night??
So, the 5 of us.... Kate, my cousins Kaila and Sierra, and my little sister Jordy and I...all spontaneously decided to go to Kate's to make Mermaidens.

They took a little longer than expected. Perhaps it was because we were all sharing one machine, or maybe because most of us had never made a doll before, or maybe because some had never used a sewing machine before... or maybe it was the chocolate, ice cream and pizza...or maybe it was because of
Kaila and Jordy...

By The end of the night...we made it this far.... 
and once finished and added a bit of bling.....they were off to their photo shoot at the beach. Courtesy of Kate...

We had such a blast!!! I have ordered a book for myself from HERE... and if your after just the Mermaiden pattern?? You can find it HERE....xx

Friday, November 12, 2010

Christmas Gift Ideas??

What is everyone making for Christmas Gifts???

This year i really want to make some handmade Christmas Gifts for the Girls in my life....
Mums, Grandmas, Aunts, Sisters, Friends....
BUT, I have been really struggling with what to make?? I have been searching blog land..for some inspiration... and i thought i would share with you...some of the great tutorials i found....









There are lots of websites for Crafty Handmade Gifts....

U Create


Let me know what your making this year for Christmas....... and i spose if i cant decide... there is always an apron or a Quilt!! xx

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Too Quilt or not to Quilt???

Quilting, can sometimes be a little bit of a dilemma! DO you Quilt it yourself? Do you take it to someone to be professionally Quilted? If you choose to do it yourself ?or send it off?...What design do you do? Do you Straight line Quilt it? Stipple? Other Free Motion designs? Thread Col? How long is it going to take? Is it going to make the quilt too stiff ? Will it be enough? Your skill level? Do you try something new??

(Click on the picture to enlarge to give you a better view on stippling)
  For this quilt i wondered back and forth...and decided to I was going to bite the bullet...Quilt it myself and try stippling.....

and you know what?? I Loved it!! It was my first time stippling... so i was very nervous... on my Bernina 440..i have a Stitch regulator..which i think made it easier for me to get it even. I have found, when you have a large solid coloured overall design works best. My seam lines disappeared..and although this was a machine pieced design, the flowers bulk up and look like they have been appliqued on.

It was quite quick too... I have taken it safe many times before, and straight line quilted a fair few of my quilts. But for a quilt this big... Stippling was really quick.. Only took a couple hours! Well maybe 3!....Once the centre was done.. the outside borders needed something.. I straight line Quilted 1/4" Inch from the seam on the white border....

I am a little undecided how to Quilt the flowers....I have hand Quilted one... but not sure if its worth the effort..I'm thinking maybe i will do the same design, but on the machine??? Any advice?

The next Question?? What is it going to look like on the back?? For this quilt i didn't want the quilting to show up on the back....and I'm pleased...

It Doesn't! Now all is left is the binding...and writing up the Pattern!

...i Hope everyone loved the Quilt Festival as much as I did!! There is soo much amazing talent and inspiration out there! xx

P.S. Sorry the pictures are a bit dark,...its been raining here and dark for days...and this was as bright as i could get them on photoshop! Ill have some better pics when its ALL finished!! xx


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