Monday, November 29, 2010

Gathered Clutch

You may remember a few posts back i posted about Christmas gift ideas?? Well, it was my little sisters birthday last week and i decided to use the Gathered Clutch Tutorial to make her a Make - up Purse.

This tutorial was quick and easy to follow... This purse was made using fabric from the Amy Butler ' Love' collection.

and i decided to line it using the same red dot..

About a month ago before i found this Tutorial, I made myself a make-up purse using scraps from this quilt...

I am still in love with the Heather Ross' Roses... I even just ordered more of her Roses in cream to make a table runner for my dining table.... I love the weight and Cotton/Linen blend.

 I lined it with Kona Cottons Cerise....I do wish i had of used the Gathered Clutch tutorial for this one... In her Tutorial it shows you how to line the purse with the machine and just turn in right way out. For this one...i just made the outside and the lining separately, and put the lining inside and hand stitched around the top edge to keep it in. The machine way is MUCH easier...and quicker!

I would recommend using an interfacing...however with so many small batting scraps...I just used batting.. It gives it a really nice soft feel. You can see in the pic i just machine quilted diagonal lines... and somehow fluked them lining up!!

Hope your having fun sewing over this holiday period. If you doing your Christmas sewing and need some more fabric... you might be able to grab some more at great prices....A bunch of Stores are still having their Thanksgiving Sales....maybe for another 24 hrs.... Film in the Fridge posted a list of the stores where current sales are on at the moment... So if your quick... pop on over...Its definitely worth checking out!!

We just put our Christmas Tree up tonight, danced to Christmas Carols and our family is feeling the wonderful Christmas Spirit... I'm excited to start doing some Christmas activities and crafts with the kids! xx


  1. Oh, your clutch looks wonderful. I just tried it too, but didn't read the instructions very well, and messed it up. I'm keen to give it another go though.

    I have been using shapewell as interfacing for a couple of projects and it gives a really nice shape without the puffiness (I have to thank Toni for that tip).

  2. too cute - i've got to make a gathered clutch.
    we put out tree up tonight too, but no decorations yet because i forgot to buy new lights and remembered that last year's were dodgy!!

  3. I bookmarked this tutorial when you posted it last time. I love it. It's nice to see how yours turned out. Hopefully I can get to making one soon.

  4. Love your fabric choices for the gathered clutch . . . so pretty!!!

  5. Love the clutches! The gathered one is great and I think I have that tute in my day it will happen.

  6. i love my new make-up purse. thanks :)

  7. really beautiful! and yes, hand sewing in linings does take so long, I'm glad I'm not the only one who prefers doing it by machine. :)

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