Saturday, November 6, 2010

Too Quilt or not to Quilt???

Quilting, can sometimes be a little bit of a dilemma! DO you Quilt it yourself? Do you take it to someone to be professionally Quilted? If you choose to do it yourself ?or send it off?...What design do you do? Do you Straight line Quilt it? Stipple? Other Free Motion designs? Thread Col? How long is it going to take? Is it going to make the quilt too stiff ? Will it be enough? Your skill level? Do you try something new??

(Click on the picture to enlarge to give you a better view on stippling)
  For this quilt i wondered back and forth...and decided to I was going to bite the bullet...Quilt it myself and try stippling.....

and you know what?? I Loved it!! It was my first time stippling... so i was very nervous... on my Bernina 440..i have a Stitch regulator..which i think made it easier for me to get it even. I have found, when you have a large solid coloured overall design works best. My seam lines disappeared..and although this was a machine pieced design, the flowers bulk up and look like they have been appliqued on.

It was quite quick too... I have taken it safe many times before, and straight line quilted a fair few of my quilts. But for a quilt this big... Stippling was really quick.. Only took a couple hours! Well maybe 3!....Once the centre was done.. the outside borders needed something.. I straight line Quilted 1/4" Inch from the seam on the white border....

I am a little undecided how to Quilt the flowers....I have hand Quilted one... but not sure if its worth the effort..I'm thinking maybe i will do the same design, but on the machine??? Any advice?

The next Question?? What is it going to look like on the back?? For this quilt i didn't want the quilting to show up on the back....and I'm pleased...

It Doesn't! Now all is left is the binding...and writing up the Pattern!

...i Hope everyone loved the Quilt Festival as much as I did!! There is soo much amazing talent and inspiration out there! xx

P.S. Sorry the pictures are a bit dark,...its been raining here and dark for days...and this was as bright as i could get them on photoshop! Ill have some better pics when its ALL finished!! xx


  1. Hi Rebecca,

    You did a great job on your stippling. I think your flowers are really cute! Since the fabric in your flowers is pretty busy. Any quilting you do inside will be hard to see. You could stitch a quarter inch in from the outside seam on your petals like you did in your sashing. That will accentuate the flowers. And I would just do it with your sewing machine. And once again good job!

  2. That looks great! What an amazing job for your first time stippling.

  3. I think your quilting looks great! The perfect choice. I think that I would go ahead and do whatever quilting on the flowers you do by machine (but, I'm not at all into hand quilting!).

    I have a Bernina 440 also and I love it and love the stitch regulator.

  4. I have to say, WOW! you did an amazing job and it's inspiring. I haven't quilted it's hard to offer advice. Sorry. I love seeing what everyone else is doing!

  5. Great job! I really like stippling. It seems so forgiving to me. I've only done my own so far. Mostly because I'm new and embarrassed to let others see the "inside" of my quilt. I think I'm going to suck it up and send the next one out though.

  6. Stippling turned out wonderfully for your FIRST time girl! I love your backing very much so:)

    Personally, I really enjoy the hand quilted look so I would say for you to take the time to hand quilt the flowers up;)

  7. Your stippling looks amazing! You're a pro already. I can't believe how fast you did it. I usually take ages. I think you should just machine quilt in the flowers. I love hand quilting, but if you can't see it its just not worth it.

  8. Your stippling looks great! It is a beautiful quilt!

  9. I just started stippling, too...have been scared of it for so long, then when I did it I wondered what all the fuss was about! And it IS way faster than straight line quilting! Plus, I love the way it puckers the quilt. I have a crappy machine, but have heard much about the Bernina 440 and its stitch regulator...are you happy with that machine? What is the approximate price point on that baby??

  10. I love the stipple quilting but have no cool ideas about how to do the flowers - I have problems figuring out how to quilt things.

    It is so interesting to hear how everyone quilts. I usually only do stippling because I don't have a walking foot and am afraid of getting puckers on my straight line quilting.

    Kristie, check out it is a table top long arm quilting machine that costs less than a fancy sewing machine. It doesn't have a stitch regulator but it has the long arm reach so you can do large quilts which is my issue right now. There is only so much fabric you can shove under your sewing machine's arm. I tried it out at a quilt show and am hooked!


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