Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Working/ a whole lot of FUN Holiday!!

My Mum, Dad and little sister Jordy have up and left me.... for an exciting work play.... Holiday!!
They have escaped the hot Aussie weather and have landed in the icy cold -20 degree temperatures.... in Canada!
Im am so jealous... on soo many levels!! The snow! The holiday! The skiing! The mountains!....but i think mostly......dare i say it.....the FABRIC STORES!!!!
I couldn't let them leave without a little pressie....Mum couldn't squeeze her quilt into her 20kg bag.... so i thought she might be able to squeeze in a little Laundry bag!...
I used left over scraps from her shell quilt... and HAD to add a little of her most favourite thing in the whole world.... Leopard print!!
I miss you mum....xx
and... I had to make Jordy one too....
....to match her luggage, Of Course!
I miss you too Jordy!! xx


  1. It looks like a fabulous place to have a cold break! What town is the photo of? I think I have been there, just can't remember the name, and it looks a bit different with snow!

  2. Oh I'd love to see snow one day - and shop in the fantastic fabric stores over there. I'm sure they'll have a great time and will bring you back some Canadian goodies :-)

  3. The laundry bags are awesome! I can't wait for the snow to melt here in Michigan. I need spring!!! :-)

  4. this looks like a really fun vacation! our snow has gone and i am missing it already

  5. Those bags are sure classy. I'm with your mother, leopard print rocks!

  6. ladies, I assure you, unless you know something I do not about Canadian fabric shops, you are missing out on NOTHING!
    Fabric prices in Canada are ridiculous--seriously.
    like $20 for a metre of solid fabric. and no it's not normally Kona.
    truly if you know of good Canadian fabric shops--fill me in! please!

  7. I love those laundry bags so much! glad u made me one not just mum. We miss you so much!!! Love Jordy (sister) I LOVE U

  8. Hehe, I love reading about Aussies travelling to cold Canada for a break from all the hot weather. I'm assuming that the town is either Canmore or Banff. I live down the road from both! In cold, cold Calgary. I hope your family had a great visit to our corner of the world.

  9. On a second look at the photo I recognize it as Banff. What a great town! Not really many fabric store to speak of, but I hope they hit up the hot springs. So delightful to sit in hot spring water in the middle of the winter.


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