Where It All Began?..

I have always loved making things. Cooking, sewing, crafts, scrap booking, creating a home and my favourite... creating my family.

On March 19th 2010, I gave birth to my third child. A little boy named Chase. We discovered right after he was born that his lungs didn't develop properly and after fighting for 2 days, he passed away. It was the most devastating thing for me, my husband and my two other children, Tanner 5 and Indi 3. We have all be struggling with the loss of my little boy. For each of us we have found it difficult in our own ways. We were so eagerly waiting, so excited for our new little one to come into our family. My life for me as I now know it, is empty, and I feel lost.

So, I have found myself sewing,....... designing new patterns and quilts as an escape. To keep my mind focused on something else. To give me something to do to keep busy and to be excited about. To keep my mind active. To be apart of this quilting revolution, with new young fresh modern designers. To start a blog, to share my patterns, to share my love of fabrics. Constantly in search of the latest release, the new design, my love for all things cotton......and so it began,   Chasing Cottons xx
                   My Three Creations... Tanner, Indi and Chase xxx

and on May 15th 2012... We welcomed another baby boy into our family...
Kobe Chase Johnson
You can read more about me HERE xxx


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