Sunday, July 18, 2010

Not Always Fabric!

For me, one of the most exciting things about the fabric. Fabric just does it for me. I used to scrapbook and would fall in love with all the papers, the textures, the designs, the colours. Quilting for me is scrapbooking but better. There's something (you quilters will understand) about the fabric, the designing a new quilt, the sewing, the sitting peacefully hand sewing, hand quilting... the creating. We all have our own 'thing'.. and i want to show you what Julie-anne's (my mother-in-law) 'thing' is.

She knits! She makes these incredible blankets/throws. Like every craft now days... has taken a modern twist. Fabric has come a long way from the brown brown and more brown quilts that comes to mind when you think about quilting. Same with scrapbooking, and papers, and now also with wool. There are so many amazing colours, textures, sequins, bobbles, feathers...and all sorts of great weaves.

I was lucky enough to get her very first one... and from here,... it snowballed. She made one for each for my kids, for family, friends and seems like every one is putting in their order!




She has done greens, yellows, blues, reds, purples, pinks, oranges, beiges, every colour you can imagine... her lastest project is grey, silver and black. I wish I could show you them all, but these are the only ones i could get my hands on.


Her TIP:- Use Big needles! She said, it grows quick and is easy on your hands! 


They are just beautiful... the pictures just dont do them justice. AND Sorry, My Photography is LOUSY!! I recon at every craft store they should offer photography lessons!! Dont they know, we all need to take pictures of our latest projects and stick-em up on our Blog!!

I dont do knitting, cant get my head around it. Maybe one day ill get her to teach me and i can pass on some skills.

P.S I gave my baby quilt away last night to a sweet little girl Charlotte, and Yes you were right! Her mummy did love it! xxx


rush over to Ali's Blog.. shes doing her first big giveaway!


  1. So she basically has done "one in every color." My friend Jessica would LOVE that. Oh, and Jessie is a super knitter...and quilter. She even has a tag on her blog called "one in every color":

    So of course I am forwarding this post to her. She will love it so much!!

    And my granddaughter's name is Charlotte (love that name....) so I'm sure is a very sweet baby who will love your quilt.

  2. They are awesome. So much texture!

  3. those throws are sooo pretty!

  4. Gorgeous those throws! I love wools like I love fabric!

  5. Very cool throws! And I agree with you about quilting - scrapbooking is fine, but a quilt is so much better - you can hold it, cuddle up in it, pass it down for generations - it just does so much more than a scrapbook page!

  6. The throws look great - and they look very cozy!

  7. Really nice throws. Yours looks great on your couch! So warm and snuggly too.

  8. I bet they are very warm, cuddly and snuggly!

  9. What beautiful knitted blankets! Perfect for snuggling under. I love the luscious colours and textures.

  10. Hey Becky, Lori passed on your blog info to me, and I am really enjoying all your beautiful projects. I'm not sure if you remember meeting me when we were in Australia last year, but thanks for sharing your talents with us. My daughter is a knitter and so I am sure will enjoy seeing these beautiful blankets.

  11. Hey I love those knitted throws. Is there a pattern for this or any hints would be great as would love to make one. Thank you

  12. Too cool! I love the way each block has so much depth!

  13. Thank you for the info on this knitted throw. I am knitting up a storm, so kinda knitting.

  14. I just started looking at your blog and noticed the knitted throws. Is there a pattern and what yarn was used. Thanks

  15. Hello Rebecca! Thank you for your great Quilt Class again! I have just been thinking about washing...I wash always but now I was thinking if someone buys smaller pieces it's difficult to pre wash them.
    These throws are really beautiful! As I love fabric, I love also yarn! I have been knitting all my life and sewing my cloths - just a little bit over an year I have find the passion for quilting and patchwork!
    I wish you Happy Easter! Teje


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