Friday, February 25, 2011

Curlicue Quilts made by you and Fat Quarterly Promo!!

Do you all subscribe to the ezine - Fat Quarterly???
I am sheepish to say, I hadn't... up until now!!
For those of you who have bought and read the ezine... i know, i know.... what took me so long???
For those of you who haven't bought an issue or subscribed..let me tell you a little about it!
Welcome to Fat Quarterly!
 Fat Quarterly is a new e-magazine written by modern sewists for modern sewists.
New issues of Fat Quarterly will be released four times per year, ( i recon the name is so clever!!) and each issue will feature a vibrant mix of content by some of today's most exciting crafty bloggers, including:
•quilting and sewing patterns
•designer challenges
•fabric giveaways
•designer interviews
•behind-the-scenes reports on quilting shows and exhibitions
•previews of up and coming fabric lines (start saving those pennies and cents!)
•... and much, much more!
You can read more about Fat Quarterly HERE

For me, i just cant get enough of blogs, pictures, new fabrics, patterns, quilts, new ideas,.. the list goes on and on......
There is such an amazing amount of inspiration out there... Fat Quarterly is a culmination of all of that! Its like your favourite magazine you buy at the local newsagent, only you don't need to flick past most pages because they don't interest you... Its great! i will now be a subscriber for life! I suppose the reason i hadn't bought it in the past is that the file size is quite big. I was nervous about downloading such a huge amount of data... but I downloaded my copy onto a usb drive.. and so i don't have to store it all on my computer. 
 Next great thing about Fat Quarterly..... if you subscribe to a years subscription
You get my Curlicue Crush Quilt Pattern for FREE!!
If you don't want to subscribe for a whole year.... Single issues are also available HERE
As i have been searching blog land i have found a couple other Curlicue Quilts Popping up.....
From Sewtakeahike
This one is from Pickle Dish

and this one... Quilt Jane


Don't they look amazing!!! Its is such an amazing feeling seeing beautiful quilts created from 'my' patterns!! If anyone else has pictures of anything they have created from my patterns, or from my blog.... PLEASE email them to me!! I LOVE seeing them... It truly makes my day!!
and you can even go one step further and add it to the new
Chasing Cottons Flickr Group

So if you want to Subscribe to Fat Quarterly and get a FREE Curlicue Crush Quilt Pattern... Pop on over HERE you still have a few days left!! xx

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