Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hooray for Fabric Stashing!

I have been in desperate need of some basics to add to my stash... SO, I  had a little splurge..
Shopping Spot number 1... A Stack of Kona Cottons from Marmalade fabrics.. Tammy has such a great range..140 Kona Cottons and counting!!
I also couldn't resist the new Heather Ross... and I found this cute Peach Dot from  HERE that matches perfectly!
I was actually surprised how soft and light weight the fabric is. I had imagined it in the same basket as her Far Far Away II collection. But its not at all... Its more of a quilting weight cotton.
and my shipping box wasn't quite full... just enough room to squeeze in a little Fat Quarter from Melody Miller's new range.
Next shopping spot... Skye Reve Fabrics.. She has a great range of  Dots.. and I'm waiting on another parcel..... I'll share those fabrics with you when it arrives...
Shopping Spot number 3.... from Fabricworm..   I had been waiting for this fabric to be released... I bought two Fat Quarter Bundles in Joel Dewberry's new line Heirloom.
 Fabricworm also have them on sale at the moment!! You can buy yours HERE
 I have cut mine up into little pieces for a new Quilt for a Magazine.. Hopefully I can show you before i send it off...
Well,......... these should keep me busy for a little while!
or at least another week or so   ;)
I'm off to finish a couple new quilts I've been working on.. I'll show you pics soon.... xx



  1. Wow...that's a great pile! Love the fabric for your quilt...hope to see it before you send it! =)

  2. Lots of gorgeous fabric - I want me some of that GUITAR fabric!!!!!!

  3. Oooh, so pretty! I love that Joel Dewberry particularly, but I really wish I had gotten some of the Citron line before it disappeared!! Looks like you're going to be having fun around your house!!

  4. Oh the heirloom fabrics are so lovely - I got a bundle in the amber colourway but now I wish I had gotten the sapphire and ruby... Love your choices! Hooray for fabric stashing - I just need an extra 6 hours a day to deplete mine :)

  5. Good for you! I'm on a stash busting spree but I can always appreciate the fabric that enters the homes of others.

  6. The Melody Miller looks divine!

    I am thinking I need to up my stash with Kona and dots too;)

    Have fun!

  7. Hi Rebecca! Wow, all that fabric looks like a dream! Every one is beautiful and they will make many wonderful quilts! You sound to be full of energy and so productive! Just waiting to see new quilts!
    xxx Teje

  8. *DROOL* look at that pile of awesomeness SOOOO pretty...can't wait to see what you're working on if you're allowed to show us

  9. I don't quilt, but I love your fabric selection, especially the Heirloom collection. So pretty!

  10. Nothing better than getting fabric in the mail!! I've been splurging for about 3 weeks now and MUST get control of myself. It's so hard to resist when so many "must have" lines and basics are on sale and then comes those "must have" new lines. What is a 'Sewing Love to Stash Girl' gonna do???

  11. Oh me, oh my!!
    I love the little guy playing with horses.
    Too cute!

  12. What a fab collection! I got a whole pile of Kona solids recently, not cut into it, but it's soooo pretty to look at :oD

  13. What great picks! I love them all but that girl with the small horses is adorable.

  14. OOh you're as bad as me! I love fabricworm - should call her newsletter fabricporn!

  15. I love the Far Far Away clothesline one. So cute! I'm restraining myself right now because I have TOO many projects in need of completion. But all the same, I'm jealous! :-)

  16. What a great fabric stash addition. I love how you can buy coordinating collections now.


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