Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sewing with Kids

Making a Softie...
I have had this really cute Softie sitting in my cupboard waiting to make. I had told Indi it would be a project that 'she' could make.. so this week when we had a free day, she remembered and said she wanted to do some sewing... How could i say no to that!

As simple as they are... I have never made one before. I watched a Quick how to vid on Saffron's Blog, You can see it HERE... I took photos for you, of our progress so you will know in the future how to make one.. and.... I also like cute photos of Indi's pudgy hands.
Super easy and really fun with kids.
How to make a Softie...?
Cut out your softie panel on the dotted line.
With right sides together... Pin all around the edge.. Make sure they are lined up properly.
Sew on the outline of your softie,  remember to leave an opening. As per Saffron instructions, we left the opening on the neck. Indi sat on my lap as we sewed this part. I did the pedal and she lifted the foot, turned the puppy and put the foot down. Got her hands in place and guided the puppy through..
She did a pretty good job.. Maybe we have a quilter in the family!!
 Clip on the drawn lines around the legs.
Turn your puppy in the right way and stuff!
We added a bell in ours!
Sew up your opening!
All the
way to
the bottom
finish it off..
Now... Pose!

     and Your DONE!!
 It was really fun.
 I was surprised how good she did.. I think I've found  her new day job.....  sewing bindings!! I'm not the first to do child labour right??
It probably took us an hour and a half. If you were doing it yourself maybe 20 Mins?  Saffron has some really cute Softies.. Dogs, Cats....
Owls and Koalas!
They are great for pressies or as holiday projects. You can buy them HERE....
Enjoy your Weekend! We're off to a Soccer Party! xx


  1. My son sits on my lap and pushes the button to start and stop the machine for me, but I've never let them sew anything independently. I love the little dog and the argyle animals are adorable. It might be about time to start the sewing lessons. ;-)

  2. That's a fun project to share together. It's quick and has a good result.

  3. Lilli has loved to sew for quite a while now - but we just recently started letting her use the sewing machine. Of course, I'm running the pedal and her little hands are under mine, but she's only three! But I predict by the tie she's six, she'll be sewing on her own. Whoop whoop for Indi - she did a great job!!

  4. Lovely. Well done Indi.

    I love sewing with my DD - and she's 25!

  5. Such a sweet series of photos. Especially the little hands stitching up the neck. Love it.

  6. Love the photos! Great job for such a small little girl!

  7. Indi, you are so smart! I am very impressed

  8. Your daughter did a great job and you enjoyed time together. It was a win-win situation.

  9. How cute. My grandchildren love it when I take them to my sewing room!!

  10. Well done! A quilter in the making! Fun!

  11. How old is she, Bec? My oldest is 4 1/2 and has shown interest but I'm not sure.

  12. PS - We do preschool soccer, too. SO fun!

  13. great sewing Indi - the puppy is fabulous - good job !

  14. Indi did a great job! And thanks to you for posting this tutorial, especially the pics of her adorably plump hands! So sweet...


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