Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Living in the past...

I know The Sydney Craft and Quilt Fair was a couple weeks ago.. But I'm only getting around to getting out my fabrics, dreaming about what im going to make and sharing them with you...
At the craft show I came across this gorgeous new fabric called 'Hot Air' and 'Partridge'.

Elissa from Kelani and Tara from Tara Davy Textiles have teamed up and created this gorgeous hand printed fabrics that are available printed on all different basecloths, 100% Linen, 100% Cotton and  Australian made 100% Organic Jersey.

 These fabrics are even more beautiful in the flesh....
 You can buy them from Kelani HERE.

Here are some other Stands i just LOVED....

I had a BLAST working with Saffron on the Saturday...

Toni was famous at her Demonstration

I'm a big fan of Nicole's Blog You Sew Girl and her Great Stand..

My absolute obsession for vintage supplies.. Pitt Trading. I bought a couple metres of Black Velet. I'm going to attempt to add some into my next Quilt.

Kelani's Stand is always a MUST!

Another favourite Miss Rose, Sister Violet. I love their lace and pretty things. I made this last time I shopped there..

Material Obsession is always so inspirational and fun. Thanks Kathy!
Kate, Baby Grace, Toni and Me
 We had such a fun day... You can see why i'm reliving it!!

Quilt Class 101 is on again tomorrow with binding!! xx


  1. Bec, it looks like you and Grace had a wonderful time.
    Best wishes

  2. Thanks for sharing!
    Whew looks like a wonderful time!
    What a dream to go to something like this!
    Have a great week~

  3. P.S. Do not understand why it won't take my google account?

  4. You Aussies know how to quilt AND how to have fun!! I am drooling over here!

  5. Thanks for sharing those great pix! Baby grace is so wee! You all look just adorable an the quilts are beautiful!

  6. Love your pics, I went along and was drooling over all the beautiful fabric. Baby Grace is lovely!

  7. Thanks for sharing the pics. I had such a fun day with you. And we didn't get lost getting there... for once! Must have been Trav's amazing map!

  8. I love fabrics coloured !!.What a nice baby,is beautiful!.

  9. They're beautiful but I absolutely love the first from the left on the 1st picture, just gorgeous.

  10. It looks like you had a great day out. I can only hope the Brisbane fair will be half as good!

  11. Thank you Rebecca for sharing your visit to that fair! For me that looks like a dream! Every photo is so full of beautiful and amazing fabrics and crafts!
    xxx Teje

  12. Looks like you had a great time. Everyone's booth was amazing. I am hoping to go to the show in Houston this year. It looks like going to shows is fun.

  13. Oh that looks like so much fun!! Thank you for sharing all of the pictures!!

    p.s. I finished my quilt sandwich this morning and now I'm ready to try hand quilting!! I'm so excited to see the binding tutorial. We're almost done =D

  14. Oh my gosh, baby Grace is so cute!

    And all that fabric is pretty good looking too....

  15. Great post Bec, I enjoyed it very Much. x

  16. It looks like you had so much fun being around such great people and all of that beautiful fabric too!! xo


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